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Have you ever met / bumped into someone you know at the dentist



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Mar 26, 2006
Have you ever met / bumped into some one you know at the dentist
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Yes. A coworker. It was a little bit awkward. This was many years ago and I was still so incredibly anxious even sitting in the waiting room. So it was difficult to 'act normal' when I saw my coworker there.
Yes earlier this week I met our plumber, he was in once again for dental work as he tends to grinds his teeth, looks like another crown or filling or worst tooth removed for him.
I grew up in a small town almost all my classmates went to the same dentist...we would look for eachother's pics on the no cavity club wall...we almost always ran into someone...back pre any dental issues.
I would be mortified now if i ran into someone and i was coming from the procedure side and not hygeine.
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