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Haven’t been to the dentist in years



Junior member
Feb 28, 2024
Last year made the courage to make and appointment and got my teeth check perio chart at 4mm-5mm got scheduled for deep cleaning and when it came time they took my blood pressure and it was high all 3 times so they sent me home and I got beyond discouraged to go back and them at uneasy feeling at that dentist office. Halted 4 month later and went to a different dentist results are 11 fillings and a deep cleaning I have bone loss. Will I loose all my teeth at 37. I have major anxiety. Srp isn’t scheduled yet due to insurance waiting pending. Will take care of the fillings first. Reading on the internet doesn’t help either. Feel like my life is ending. I’m so angry with myself
Are your teeth wiggly and loose? If not, you likely have plenty of bone holding them in place and even a 4-5 is fairly early perio. The only way your teeth are going to fall out at this stage is if you owe some big dude a lot of money and and he kicks you in the face for not paying
@ThatDamnPanda 1 just felt wiggly today and I have calculus build up on that and the ones next to it. But dentist didn’t mention to me about the wiggle took yesterday when I went to the check up.