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Having a miserable time



Junior member
Nov 10, 2023
Staunton VA
I just had my upper teeth pulled out on November 8, and I have a really bad gag reflex so Everytime I talk I gag yesterday I removed them and used the salt water gargle but when I inserted them again they won't stay in I read where you can't use adhesive on them till the stitches desolve but I am worried the longer I leave them out they won't fit me at all I will be calling my dentist but i also so where you can use denture powder does anyone know how it works or is it safe and what can I do about talking and gaging? I know it takes time but sometimes I regret having them pulled. Did anyone have heartburn afterwards because mine has gotten worse since they were removed. I haven't slept well at all and I am a little sore which is to be expected but I am wondering if it will ever get better my mom ended up not wearing hers at all and her mouth sunk in I don't won't that I am only 41 yrs old can someone please give my some advice thank you
@cynthiamcvey409 Sorry you are going through this, I just wanted to tell you in case it is any use to you, maybe you already know, but there is a reddit forum r/dentures which is very busy, if you can't find anyone with your exact situation on here, maybe you could on there.