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Having anxiety after onlay procedure



Junior member
Aug 24, 2023
New York
Hi all! Im new here looking to support or ideas of what exactly is going on with me.

Last year (2022) I had 3 onlays in my upper left side. Now, a year after, I started to feel uncomfortable in one of them. I went to the dentist and he said that a new cavity came up inside the onlay. I felt so sad because that tooth specifically has a deep cavity and my fear was that change can make it worse. 6 weeks ago I had my new final onlay placed. The firsts 2 weeks were very uncomfortable but i was aware that my tooth has be suffering so much and i was doing home remedies such as salt warm water and cloves oil to help it heal better. I see a little improvement but is being 6 weeks and I am still having pain near the tooth. I do not have sensitivity, i can drink hot & cold drinks, i can floss, i can do mouthwash, i use my nightguards without any issue and the pain i have i can tolerate it without any pill. But, when i bite it feels weird and the silence pain is in the whole jaw bone (from front part of my mouth to all the way to wisdom tooth), not in the tooth.

I want to know if someone of you experienced this before? if that means i need a root canal (which i have nightmares just thinking about it), or if anything else that could happening with this tooth.!! Please someone let me know :(
Go back to the dentist and ask them what's going on. It's not something I can answer for you I'm afraid. Given the symptoms, it sounds more like the bite needs adjustment, but it's impossible to be certain, sorry.
Thanks Dr for the reply!
I just went to the dentist this morning. After some Xrays, he said that everything looks fine, no infections and the bite is good. What could be is that i could have some food stuck in my gums that even that i floss my teeth every night, could get some stuck. He recommended it a water flosser to use.

What do you think? I would like your opinion
Sorry, your dentist has had the benefit of seeing you and taking x-rays, it'd be a total guess work compared to that. Try a selection of TePe brushes to clean between your teeth rather than floss before you splash cash on a waterpik...
Thank you! I ordered already. Let see if works because still bothering me and even doctor said nothing bad showed in x rays, has to be something that is not letting me be in peace. Also i started to have some mild sensitivity to cold drinks only (not to hot drinks), something that i did not have previously.