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Having anxiety



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Oct 27, 2015
As I'm sure most of you already have, or had anxiety about dentists in the past, or going through it now,
I feel it was necessary to post and let this off my chest.

(55 yr old male)
Its the typical story of years of neglect, that now, I made the decision for a consult for dentures.
I was advised by staff that no teeth are worth saving other than 2 lowers, so now I have a total of 12 remaining teeth that need to be extracted.( broken and infected subgingivally) They have been causing infections for 3 years running now, and I know something has be done, So I'm doing it.
The problem is, in 2010, I suffered a detached retina in my left eye, and unfortunately, after several procedures to save the vision, it has been unsuccessful, and I can no longer perceive light in that eye.
I lost my career, and I'm on disability, and have been able to survive in terms of driving and functioning at home etc, I mean it is do-able with one eye, but depressing at times.
Now, I need to come to terms with losing my teeth, and the anxiety is mounting as I find myself thinking about how my health has declined in the last several years.
I think the one thing that keeps me going, is that I'm doing the right thing with my teeth, because if I keep procrastinating, things could get much worse.
12 extractions will be done this week, with Novocaine only, and Valium pill form just prior. its not the pain I fear, but the pulling and pressure, and loss of control while in the chair.
I have spoken with staff about my anxiety, but feel they are insensitive to the extent of it. My nature is to bare down and take it, since at this point, I have no other healthy or logical options from here on in.
I guess I just need some reassurance that it will work out from others who have been through this.
The vision problem, compounded with the oral problem is taking its toll on me.
But somehow, Ill manage to get through this. I'm not a quitter, just a complainer I guess...lol
My prayers go out to anyone who suffers with anxiety. I have found that in the past, the anxiety is always worse than the actual procedures and outcomes.
But this time, its really a challenge for me.
- hanging tough
Hi :welcome:to the forum.

I understand about you feeling anxious, I suffer from this myself it is horrible when it gets out of control. You should be fine having the teeth out. If you feel having all twelve out at once is too much then discuss with the dentist doing it in a couple of visits. Don't agree to more than you feel you can cope with.

They will numb you and they can test your mouth to make sure that you are before they start. If at any time you feel pain let them know and they can top you up. You can have quite a few injections to make sure you are very numb. Arrange a stop signal with the dentist before they start just incase you need a break. I think the worst thing for you is going to be your jaw feeling a bit achey from having to keep your mouth open, so do take a break if you feel it is getting too achey.

Once you are numb they will prepare the first tooth and lift it out, no tugging or pulling as you are imagining. You may hear a tearing sound which can be a little off putting but it is fine and normal. You won't feel anything except a little bit of pressure. I never felt any pressure when I have had teeth removed.
I bet you don't even know that the teeth have been all removed until they tell you that it is done. I never know until they tell me. When they have removed the teeth they will place a cotton roll in the extraction sites and ask you to bite. Or that is what they do when you have one or two teeth out. It might be a bit different when having more teeth out. They may put some stitches in. Or if you are having an immediate denture in they may put plugs in. You need to speak to the dentist before hand to find out what they intend to do.

Like you say the stress and anxiety before hand is much worse than any dentist has ever done to me. I am a couple of years older than you and I understand that when we were kids we saw some terrible dentists. Things are very different these days and we can ask questions and play a part in getting the treatment. You have to consent to having any and all treatment and you are very much in control. They are not allowed to carry on if we ask them to stop, also you don't have to agree to it all been done at once.

My sight is not as good as it was and it frustrates the hell out of me, so I can only imagine how annoying only being able to see out of one eye is.

You will be amazed at how much better you will feel once you have healed and got used to the changes in your mouth. Without all the pain and infection effecting you it will make you feel instantly better that will improve as you heal.

I hope this helps a bit, all the best to you :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::thumbsup::butterfly:
thank you

Thanks for the encouraging words carole. I really do draw strength from others who been through this.
Im struggling, but I had the willpower to make the appointment, now, just to follow through.
Its a matter of right and wrong, and I'll use that thought to keep pushing forward.
I think a lot of my anxiety has to do with getting older, and facing the reality of our parts breaking down. Even after being in fair to good condition most of my life.
Again, thank you :)