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Having extreme panic attacks.



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Dec 31, 2023
I have been struggling with depression/ADHD/autism especially hard this past year and dental health has just felt like the least of my worries, but I have been making big improvements the past month or so I felt like, but I went to visit the dentist to look at one tooth and got shot to the ground and back into depression. He said I needed a root canal possibly two and some more work one 4 teeth, he only looked at 4 teeth and they all needed help, it's also extremely expensive.

But now I'm panicking about what is on the other side of my mouth, if I have gum disease how many root canals I may need, and all dentists are closed so I can't get answers. Please can anyone take a look at my x rays and help give just a bit of insight of what's coming, good or bad, and if I have gum disease.

I thank you in advance and just some more information then the little they gave me will give me some peace of mind!


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You don't have any advanced gum disease in general, there might be some isolated areas where you need some attention but can't see anything too terrible.
You have a fair bit of untreated decay but you know that.
@Gordon I really appreciate your response it has helped me a lot! I'm very aware that I have some untreated decay and I'm making a dental appointment soon here to get it looked at and start to get on track to get it taken care of and make steps to get my oral hygiene under control.