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Having my lower left Wizzy removed monday morning...Local anaesthesia



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Aug 28, 2021
Hi Peeps,

so I have found this forum and its great to read other people's stories.

I am here in France and last saturday had excruciating pain in my teeth...Sunday full hamster cheek mode/swelling.

Got prescribed amoxicilin and metronidazol.Saw a general dentist on the monday and whilst they were probably good they wanted to remove the tooth on the friday, so I ask questions etc and after 2 email exchanges they recommended I see someone else.

Any how I am booked in with a maxillo fascial surgeon now monday morning to have said tooth removed (x-ray included) had a consultation with him thursday and he put me at more at ease.

So the antibiotics finished friday and that should not affect the strength of the Local anaesthesia?

Been prescribed Dafalgan Codein and Zithromax for after and just really worried still, I really wanted to keep the tooth, but I have had 3 dentists now tell me that the infection could flare up again at a really inappropriate moment (I am convincing myself now its playing up and sensitive)

Anyhow swelling is pretty much down to 5% and I am worried as hell, the pain will come back and I maybe a hypochondriac but right now I am feeling a slight throbbing tingling now the antibiotics have finished their course, but guess what has to be done has to be done..

Thanks for creating a space to voice concerns..




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Hi nicodan,

antibiotics are supposed to lower the infection and if you're not in a hamster mode anymore, then it sounds like it worked. Also, it would take at least few weeks until it would come back so don't get freaked out by the throbbing. The anesthetic will work well and even if not, surgeons really know how to get numb pretty much everything, so you don't have to worry about that.:)

All the best wishes and good luck on Monday!:clover: