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Having My Wisdoms taken out next month, have some questions



Junior member
Dec 15, 2019
I'm going to call again tomorrow to ask some questions, but I have a severe fear/phobia of the dentist, so I would like to run some things by here first.

First, my oral surgeon has stated he is going to be using Brevital and Fentanyl via IV sedation after I take a Valium 30 minutes prior. I have tried my best to Google for information on this drug cocktail, but found not much information other than they're old drugs and mostly replaced. Is this true? Is this also what's known as conscious sedation? I was hoping to be asleep rather than just not remembering. I also recall reading someone said they suffered short term memory loss as a result of Brevital. My theory is the surgeon prefers this because most nurses unlicensed to deal with anesthesia won't touch Propofol. I would like to be told I'm wrong on this one.

Second, I had cheek implants almost a decade ago. Will they potentially be affected by the surgery? I believe I forgot to mention it to the surgeon and will run it by them tomorrow, but I'd like to know if it's even something to worry about. Also, I heard the cheeks thin out and sag? I'm not sure if that's something I should worry about.

Should I request an anesthesiologist? It's my understanding a nurse administers the drugs and maybe stays in the room while the surgeon monitors/does all the work.
I’m not a doctor, but I believe Brevital is used to make you fall asleep before a surgery. I think you need to talk with your dentist or their team and figure out more details of what you are getting.
The cheek implants won't be affected, they're well out of the treatment zone. The cheeks won't thin out and sag either.
Brevital is a general anaesthetic induction drug, in other words it puts you to sleep, it is not used in conscious sedation. I don't understand the US system, so can't comment on your questions regarding drug choice. In the UK it's illegal for dentistry to be done under general anaesthetic without a consultant in anaesthesia being present in the surgery.