Having problem with adhesives for dentures.



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Mar 22, 2014
Hi everyone and hoping that you are staying safe during these trying times.

I sure could appreciate your help on this matter. Not too long ago, I had 8 teeth pulled as they were causing a bacterial infection with my sinuses. I went to an ENT doctor and he took a cat scan and showed one side of my mouth badly infected. He said I had to get rid of the infection and gave me a prescription of a strong anti-biotic. I was told that if that didn’t work, surgery would be the next thing. On that note, I know I had to extract the rest of my teeth as I had no choice. I was on the antibiotic for a few weeks which cleared the infection. The doctor told me that I still have to extract all of my teeth because the infection will come back, do more damage and can affect my heart which would be very serious. I found a dentist where I live and he was great. He pulled all the rest of my teeth just using nitrous oxide and locals. I thought I would have to go under with Versed or another drug. All went well and when it was time to get my new dentures, I was excited as I could smile again. What I didn’t know was that without bone structure, I may have a hard time with fitting the new dentures as my whole mouth changed due to my poor hygiene. That is the main reason why I am asking for some advice. I tried every adhesive that was available and none made my teeth stay in. It always got loose and caused me lots of problems. It also caused me to gag and the sticky goo was terrible. Because of all this, I just am not wearing them. I paid a lot of money for them and it was my decision to go ahead. I was warned about that as well. Does anybody have any ideas of what type of adhesive I can use? The dental staff didn’t help me as they weren’t sure what would work, best. In other words, I am being told I am on my own and they will still make the adjustments as needed. The rest is up to me. I don’t want all this go to waste and want to smile in my old age. Thanks for reading and maybe responding.

Take care and be safe during the pandemic.

Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel

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Nov 2, 2010

I would suggest to go back to the dentist and ask them to help you out. You might not need a new denture yet but only adjustments of the current one.
Having said that, you should know that a few months after multiple extractions the jaw changes too much and the immediate (or former) denture will not fit and a new denture is needed.
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