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Having some pain in back teeth



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Aug 11, 2023
Hi there,

I am 22 years old and haven’t been to the dentist for a long time (around 6-8 even possibly longer) I am extremely worried about my teeth. I have been getting pain in my back teeth (nothing to sore it comes and goes especially when I’m drinking juice) I’m worried that they are going to need extracted. I have quite bad tartar build up but I managed to get some of it off when I was flossing. My gums become inflamed frequently so I use corsodyl regularly. I also drink a lot of soda and eat sweet food which is the reason I think that my teeth a rotting. Im not sure if it might just be staining from the amount of green tea I drink everyday (2 cups). I’m just so embarrassed I let my teeth get in this state. I will attach some pictures to this post for reference any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I am not a dentist but the staining can be from the corsodyl, it's a known side effect of that mouthwash.
Next to nothing can be garnered from pictures. The state of the teeth are done mostly via xrays, and gum issues are done via measurements. Folk can have what looks like cavities etc, but they turn out to be nothing, but by the same token, folk can have healthy looking teeth, but cavities are picked up via xrays.

True story, toothache doesn't get better on it's own. It may come and go initially, and if the pain is coming from a tooth, believe it or not, once the toothache disappears for good, things have just gotten a lot worse. Means the nerve has died and is now rotting away. The pain could also be from your gums, but if it hurts only when drinking sugary drinks such as fruit juice, a good chance it's a cavity.

Spontaneous toothache can be the first sign of a dying tooth. By spontaneous i mean it happens without stimuli. As does pain that lingers. May not be a dying tooth at all, but from experience, toothache can go from 0-10 within minutes. It's also a lot less hassle to treat the earlier you see to it. Toothache is also one of those things that make people overcome their fear once it gets very bad. The pain makes you forget about phobias etc.
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