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Having to finally face my fears...dreading the out come need help and advice please.



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Nov 21, 2012
Having to finally face my fears...dreading the out come need help and advice please.

Hi I'm new to this site and I have a confession.... I have never used a forum. So please excuse me if I am going about this all the wrong way. :redface: I desperately need help and advice.

As a child I had a severe phobia of going to the dentist. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with "good" teeth either. As a result no action was taken on my severely over crowded teeth...

I'm 26 and find myself in the following situation:

My top row of teeth has what seems to be an extra tooth, it causes the row to be a little crooked.... but not to the extend that it bothers me.

My bottom row is where the real problems are... although my teeth were/are overcrowded I have always had (albiet crooked) row of teeth until now.... my centre two on the bottom are adult teeth but either side are single baby teeth.... one of which has decayed (I now have a gap and root stump) the other is now extremely wobbly. The loss of one I could deal with ...the thought of loosing a second I find devastating.:cry:

Those close to me have commented that I changed the way I talk in order to hide the loss of the first tooth, I don't think I can hide a second gap.

I think I could manage going to the dentist and having both removed provided I could have temp teeth to fill the gap while the inevitable brace brings my adult teeth forward. Will they do this in the Uk?

Should I have the overcrowded teeth removed and get implants instead?

Should I "live" with the gaps and get a brace?

I dread to think about the cost to have either treatment....

Every dentist I encountered in the past is in pursuit of perfection when it comes to my teeth... all I want is minimal treatment... and bascially no gaps in the front of my mouth.

Am I being for want of a better word "fussy" will I ever find a dentist that will cater to my idea of treatment without having to resort to a cosmetic dentist?

Thanks in advance for any advice and support. :)
Re: Having to finally face my fears...dreading the out come need help and advice please.

Hi Crybaby, I think the most important thing is finding a dentist you like and trust. It might take some time but it will be worth it when you find the right one. Not all dentists that do cosmetic dentistry will try to push you to do too much. My general dentist does cosmetic dentistry and he has never done that. He has only taken care of my "needs". Be sure to tell them exactly how you feel and that you want minimal treatment. If these teeth are baby teeth I don't think I would get implants. If it were me I would let the permanent teeth come in. I also don't think you are being too fussy. A good dentist will tell you the best plan of action suited best to your needs. By the way, welcome to the forum. :)
Re: Having to finally face my fears...dreading the out come need help and advice please.

Welcome to the forum, crybaby. You seem to be doing just fine. :XXLhug:

Not being a dentist and not knowing what your teeth look like, it's hard to say what your options are. I would think that you could be fitted with a "flipper" or partial denture to hide the gap. There are also options like veneers that can help hide irregularities. I think a lot depends on what the long term plan is. If it's to be a permanent gap, I would think that maybe a bridge or similar device might be an option.

You definitely aren't being too fussy. Both the health and the appearance of your teeth are extremely important, and you deserve to know what your options are. Dentists can tend to be perfectionists, and it can be difficult for some of them to talk about less-than-perfect options, but if you stick to it, you should be able to find a dentist who can tell you what your choices are. A good visual exam and some x-rays should tell the story of what needs to be done.

I'd advise you to get a few opinions, and ask lots of questions. "Is there a less expensive/invasive option?" "What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different treatment plans?" "How long would I have to live with a gap in my smile?" etc. Try not to be intimidated by the dentist-- YOU are the paying patient, and you're entitled to information and professional advice.

Lastly, try not to self-diagnose. It's easy to convince yourself that you'll need some particular treatment, when in fact you might need something completely different, or there may be options you didn't even know about.

Good luck, and congrats on starting your dental journey. Just talking about it here on the forum is a big step, so bravo!