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Having two *deep* cavities filled today, embarrassed and having bad anxiety?



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Aug 22, 2014
Somewhere in Georgia
Having two *deep* cavities filled today, embarrassed and having bad anxiety?

Hi guys :whistle:

So I'm going in for two pretty deep cavities later today (I should be sleeping right now actually) and I'm pretty nervous so I would love some comforting words/advice if you could take the time to spare any.

I've had horrid experiences in the past, especially with some deep fillings back in October, and I'm downright terrified of what's going to happen today. I'm not too worried about the shots. I can be a big girl for that part, and I'm told the dentist I'm seeing gives good shots, anyways...but who knows if that's true since it came from my endodonist whose she's affiliated with:p

What I'm nervous about is the fillings NOT working. That's what I'm afraid of. I'm also worried she's going to make rude comments. She wasn't exactly ugly to me the last time when I went in or anything, but she could have been nicer, if that makes sense, and I left her office after crying my eyes out but that's another story :) I have to have these fillings done, but she didn't make me feel too good about it and she acted like it was seriously urgent to have them taken care of yet made me wait over two weeks for an appointment...and a small piece actually came off one of the teeth about a week ago. Not sure if I should mention that or not. It looks awful, though.

Anyways, so I'm not only embarrassed by the condition of my mouth and uncomfortable with the dentist I'm seeing and afraid of getting judged but I'm absolutely terrified it's all going to be for nothing and I'll end up getting two more root canals. Anyone had some seriously deep cavities filled that were successful? Anyone got any comforting stories or words before I slink off to my impending doom?

I just wish these were the only two fillings/procedures I need done...*sigh*.

Thanks in advance!
Re: Having two *deep* cavities filled today, embarrassed and having bad anxiety?

...I'm less than an hour away from my appointment....
Re: Having two *deep* cavities filled today, embarrassed and having bad anxiety?

Hi Ihatedentists!

I completely know what you mean. They aren't necessarily "mean," yet they could have made a little more effort to be nicer and more comforting, especially knowing our high anxiety. I also think (at least with me) that I am on such high alert for any negativity coming from the dentist, that no matter what he says, I believe he is belittling me.

I know this is much easier said than done, but just imagine, you will be finished this appointment SO SOON, and then you will feel that much better because you had your two fillings filled! Take one step at a time - don't worry about the other work you need to get completed. Just focus on how proud of yourself you should be for doing this!! :) :)