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Hawkhurst, Kent



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Mar 23, 2006
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Website of interest to anxious patients in the East Sussex/Kent area:

Website covers dental anxiety and their 'gentle dental' stress-minimising approach which includes painless delivery of anaesthesia (TheWand) and air abrasion drill-less dentistry. Lots of testimonials from nervous patients on the website.

Quote from website: 'In any great relationship their needs to be a good first date, and it's no different in dentistry. Meeting a new dentist for the first time can be an unsettling time for anyone and not knowing what to expect at that first visit can make it even worse.The New Patient Consultation is probably the single most important visit in dentistry and we aim to make it the most relaxing as well. As much as possible we like to talk in a relaxed atmosphere in our consult rooms over a cup of coffee having spent only a short time in any of the treatment rooms. Any new patient is encouraged to take time considering their treatment options so that when a plan is decided upon we can all be happy that it is the right one. After all at StoneRock, we're not interested in a load of first dates, we want lots of long-term relationships with all our patients.'
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Mar 31, 2010
Re: Hawkhurst, Kent TN18/East Sussex border

I have become a patient at Stonerock Dentalcare after finding them through this very post. I had not visited a dentist in over 30 years after having a bad experience as a child with a tooth extraction.

I found them to be the friendliest, most accommodating people you're likely to meet. I was *very* nervous about even initiating contact with them, but they proved to be very patient and supportive. Initially they answered all questions I had via email until I plucked up the courage to go in to the surgery for an informal chat. That chat was indeed informal and was held over a coffee in a meeting room within the premises. From there we arranged a consultation with the dentist, Dr Russell Blanchard, who I was introduced during my visit. During my consultation, Russell was able to put me at ease by explaining that we could stop at any point if I felt uncomfortable or anxious and was careful to always tell me at each stage exactly what he was about to do (like, I am going to look inside you mouth with this mirror... and so on) meaning there were no unexpected surprises. He also took great care to fully understand my fears before commencing with any kind of examination.

Since that initial consultation I have now had 3 major fillings performed under sedation and feel no anxiety about going in for hygiene visits (with the wonderful encouragement of the hygienist, Christine) to have the plaque removed from all around my teeth and my gum line using the sonic water jet thingummy :)-?).

I am soon to go back in to have my teeth whitened before embarking upon the next stage of getting some overlapping teeth straightened... none of which I could have achieved were they not so understanding and accommodating.

I can't recommend them highly enough and am especially thankful to the wonderful staff I've got to know so far including my first point of contact, Angie the patient co-ordinator, Russell, Christine and Amie.
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