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Healing after tooth removal

thank u so much for all this info!
I m having my 3 wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning, I was FREAKING OUT but I m feeling much better now that I found this forum :)

I took no painkillers after having a wisdom tooth extracted. However, it has been two weeks and I guess a piece of the tooth is coming out because a irritated spot now is hurting and feels like a sharp piece sticking out. Questions: how long will it take to come out? I felt the irritation about 5 days ago and sharp piece maybe two days ago. Not sure I can last much longer and dentist not in till Monday.:cry:
Hi Randi :welcome: to the forum.

It will probably be a bit of bone fragment coming through, it will come out but they pop out when they feel like it, Kim on here had a bit for quite some time until eventually it did come out. Ask your dentist if they think it will take long as they will be able to see how near to the surface it is. They may even be able to remove it pain free for you.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover: let us know how you get on.
I'm having my two left wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and the right side teeth after two weeks. I'm really scared :cry: but thanks for the tips provided :)
I had my lower left wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday under LA (it is now Thursday), I have not been in any pain just a little discomfort and swelling which is beginning to peak and go down.

About 6 hours after the tooth being pulled I developed a terrible fever and aches all over my body. I have ad surgery a bone biopsy and root canal on this small area of jaw bone this year so I guess its was my body freaking out.

I went to the dentist today to checked everything was ok due to the fever, he said the site looks ok but the gum was a little white on the sides. He then put some paste on the socket which tasted of clove oil, I asked if I had a dry socket (i thought I would be in pain pain pain if I had) and he said no, SO why has he used this past as he said its normal for the blood clot to be shrinking in size a couple of days in as mine was there but did not reach the top of the socket. My question is what does the paste do, he told me I did not need to come back unless I am in pain.

DOes he really think dry socket could come soon?? I am very scared also I an't afford any more time off work this year due to my op. I fear they may fire me.
Re: Healing after tooth removal (DRY SOCKET?)

~I'm new to this site so I have no idea if I'm posting To the right place~

Okay. So. I got all four wisdom teeth out on May 10th. It went well and all was merry. I had very little pain all things considered. I was brushing my teeth very lightly at first, but got more confident as the week went on. However, I think I was a bit too vigorous because I felt a HUGE throbbing pain when my brush accidentally hit the extraction site. Next thing I know, my toothbrush is dark, dark red and I was rinsing out blood for a good 5 minutes. After that, I noticed that this area started causing me pain that felt like I had a cavity (though my dentist never mentioned one). Sometimes it's throbbing, other times it's a zinger feeling when I drink something cold. When I touch my back molar, that whole area hurts, so I'm not sure if it's because of my carelessness with my toothbrush, or a whole other problem due to the molar. I didn't see any cavity on my molar, so I'm guessing it hurts when I press on it because it's right next to where my stitches are and where my blood clot was. When I look near the site, it looked like bone, but then the next day it looked like pus (gross, I know). Before the toothbrush ordeal, I was able to chew just fine. Now it hurts ?

I'm not sure if this is just part of the healing process (although I'm not sure about that either, since it will be two weeks this Tuesday), but I'll make an appointment this week to know for sure. Until then, I wanted some input. Thank you guys ?
Hi everyone! I'm really freaked out right now! (This will be a long post because I need help!!)

I had one wisdom tooth pulled on Friday 9/2. I've been eating baby food, rice with runny eggs, bananas, those canned mandarin oranges, ice cream, etc. Since I only had one tooth taken out, I thought that I could eat rice because well, it's only one side. The surgeon provided me a syringe to wash the hole out (I didn't get stitches) and I had the chlorhexidine mouthwash at home from a relative who barely used it.

Anyways, the syringe broke around 9/5-9/6. There has also been some white stuff sround the hole and inside of the sides of the roof where my wisdom teeth was taken out. Anyways, since I eat other things like eggs, rice, this one Asian melon/squad type of thing, drinking lot of soup with softboiled carrots and potatos... I thought I was okay.

I proceeded to pick the food out with a toothpick (bad idea, yes I know), and I've been getting a lot of it out but without the syringe I know that some food stuck wouldn't get taken out. I still washed with the mouthwash, but on 9/7 it was the worst day on school.

I held in my breath for a bit and puffed my cheeks and I tasted really bitter, nasty stuff. "Ok." I thought, and I continued to eat, but my breath began to stink. I thought it might have been the mouthwash, so I told myself not to use it.

The next day with another nasty taste and stinky breath, school ended once more. It's Thursday 9/8. After a long day of school, I come home, eat baby food, go in the bathroom to look at the hole. I shine my flashlight into that hole, and holy crap I was so scared. Inside looked like some greenish thing? The gum around my other teeth next to the wisdom teeth was taken out had loose gum, all this white stuff all over the side of the hole. It was so scary. So I searched up the internet and I got that it might be scar tissue or an infection

I regret all the regular food I ate and I sat there for an hour crying to myself. If I got sn infection, it would be trouble for my mother and I (the dentist is across town so about 45 minute drive + a 3–5 hour wait).

I brushed my teeth twice, tried to pick out the white guck in the roof, I poked the isde of the hole and tried to clean up the green stuff. I was just a mess and I was bleeding everywhere.

So I ask my mom if I could go to walmart to buy a syringe. She said no because she's busy (which I expected) then I remembered... My sister had a water flosser/pick thingy.

So I used that thing and cleaned out my whole with only rinsing with salt water three times that day. I bled so much. So so so much.

Next day, Friday 9/9. The teeth where the wisdom tooth was by, hurts like shit. I can't open my mouth without it cracking and I'm taking all this ibuprofen. The smelly breath and the nasty taste went away (thankfully), but I still see the white stuff stuck around the hold and on the roof of the inside hole.

Question: do I have a dry socket or did I freak out over nothing?

Question 2: if I do have a dry socket, do I really need to go to the dentist? If I keep washing with salt water + chlorhexidine wash + cleaning with water socket and only drinking soups, eating baby food, and eating soft foods general (no rice! I will not do it!), will the socket heal by itself?

Question 3: if the socket does heal by itself without going to the dentist, will that cause problems with my gums and other teeth, or will it just go away naturally like getting pink eye?

Question 4: if the hole heals and closes and food gets stuck, is the food stuck there forever?! I'm the most scared about that because I do NOT want to cut open my gum and have another scare like this again.

Thank you for reading my really long sorta-question. Please answer because I'm really nervous right now. Thank you all and god bless.
Hi welcome to the forum :)

It doesn't sound like you have dry socket. Dry socket is very painful and pain meds don't help. The white stuff means that you are healing well. Please don't use the water flosser at the moment.

The extraction site will heal from the inside out and any food will be pushed out along with the clot as it heals. If you end up in really bad pain and nothing helps then go to the dentist. If things start to feel better without you looking at the site then you will be okay.

You are usually safe from dry socket 72 hours after extraction. Rinsing should get rid of any food. The loose gum is normal and it will toughen back up and re-attach to the tooth as you heal. When you brush just be careful near the extraction site for a while only because you will make it feel sore.

I think if you leave it alone you may be okay now. If you are still worried or get any worse pain as I have explained then contact the dentist.

You should start to feel better as each day goes by now. Please don't be worried you will be okay :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly::butterfly: