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Healing cap for implant.



Apr 27, 2015
I had an implant placed last December after a bone graft. Those procedures were uneventful and I have had no pain or issues with the site. I am now at the stage where impressions for the abutment and crown are in the works. I went for the impressions last week. When they were unscrewing the healing cap I felt some brief pain in my gum. I felt the same quick pain when they were putting cap back on. It was almost like a pinching pain and in one specific spot. Since then, a week, I haven't had any pain until a little soreness from eating chicken. I took too big of a bite so when chewing some of the chicken chunk pressed down on the implant site and caused a little bit of the same sensation. The gum now feels irritated. Nothing is throbbing and this is the first time something like this has caused a reaction. I am starting to go into panic mode. I have some other issues on the other side of my mouth that are unresolved and are at a standstill with no one knowing what to do. So I am already at a very heightened state of anxiety and fear. Am i overacting? I am reading online about implants and torque pain and failures ect.
That is perfectly normal. When the healing cap is taken on and off it can pinch the gum tissue slightly and cause that sensation. It is also normal that food could irritate the gum tissue around the healing cap if you bit on some food wrong. It'll do a lot better for you once you get the implant crown put on and food can't push on the tissue around the implant anymore.