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HealOZone Scam



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Hi Everyone.

I was directed here from reading the very interesting comments on the HealOzone treatment made on your previous forum.

Let me first start by saying I am not scared or hate visiting the dentist. Far from it, i actually enjoy going to get my teeth looked at and cleaned, which i know for some of you is a very bold statement to make; bordering on madness. :D

Although calling HealOZone treatments a scam may seem a little harsh, this was how I was left feeling after a routine check up at a local dentist today. (UK) There was no probing or prodding but instead just a very light touch of a new 'magic wand' called a Diagnodent. This gives you max readings of decay in your teeth and apparently over 20 units means that you need treatment. Most of my teeth were in the 20 to 40s.

So after being in the chair for about 8 minutes I was handed a bill for £300 should i wish to take the treatment. The cost of a filling is £40 and the cost for the Ozone treatment is £30 per tooth. At this stage I hadn't been cleaned by a hygienist or had the tartar and decay probed for its consistency.

I am not a dentist, but to offer the reader some background information on this treatment, I will take a whistle-stop tour. Please feel free to correct any major misunderstandings. Micro-organisms (Cariogenic bacteria) metabolise dietary carbohydrates to produce plaque acids and decay in teeth which is particularly a problem in the cavitated and fishered areas of the back teeth. This can lead to painful decay and eventually fillings. HealOZone offers a preventative treatment by killing the micro-organisms with an Ozone gas. To remove the bacterial acid that causes the decay in the teeth a mineral reluctant is used on the teeth and then over a process of 6 weeks, the patient then uses a fluoride paste to build up the mineral protection.

Now, as I said, I am not a dentist, but the cynical side of me does shout 2 things. Firstly, this is a preventative treatment costing £300 - $500 approx. I have been sitting in the chair for 8 mins and the dentist is saying that in order that i don’t have more fillings, I need to spend this money. Not only this, he is harping on about the amount of pain involved in the filling process, asking if i have had much dental work before, and I get the impression he is trying to scare me into submission. *(really why I am on this forum to prevent individuals who are scared of the dentist to not be persuaded by this scaremongering!)* He has not really looked at the teeth, just prodding with he new Diagnodent which has shown high figures.

Secondly, it does not take a science genius to realise a flaw into having this treatment on the one off occasion. Killing the micro-organisms and reducing the acid causing the decay is all well and good, but over the next 6 months, I will be eating causing the regeneration of new micro-organisms. These will get into the same cavities and start producing decay in the same manner as before the treatment. Granted, this treatment may or may not slow down the process, but it will not stop it, ergo this would need to be repeated at (an estimated) every 12 months. I think you will agree this is an expensive hobby!

I am not here to discuss whether this treatment works or not. Some clinical trials have proved that is doesn't and others by the company that produces the machinery say that is does. What i am concerned about was the dentist new approach to his profession. Instead of offering 1 filling every 2-3 years, lets get them to pay £300 every year for prevention. Quite lucrative! :mad:

On a slight side thought, my dentist in this case would not clean the teeth first and then do the test with the Diagnodent or even wash with mouth wash before he performed the test. I was not impressed.

I feel that this approach didn't work on me only because i am not scared of the fillings, injections etc etc, but on others it would be a very persuasive tactic. The blinding by science is another approach that was taken which again in my case was wasted on me. I hope that this exert has helped and forewarned others of the swing by some dental professions from good care to increase profit and i would be very interested to hearing from other who have been affected in a similar way by the HealOZone treatment or any other new technologies that are being used.



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Jan 1, 2005
As far as I'm aware, you need to have a cleaning first for the diagnodent to give accurate readings, but I may be mistaken (will have to check, but I'm pretty sure).
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