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Health/heart anxiety Any Pain relief ideas please?



Junior member
May 16, 2020
I have a tooth at the back lower right which is causing me a lot of pain, when the pain takes over it affects other teeth both above it and a few teeth down from it along with my ear and my head.

It is triggered when anything touches it, especially water when I try to take vitamin supplements.

It doesn’t happen straight away, around 5-10 minutes later it feels like a small explosion in the area of my half broken tooth like a popping sensation or something it’s hard to describe so I do apologise, the first popping sensation always makes my head go to the side as it’s THAT strong! The rest that follow occur every 30 seconds more or less until finally, the pain comes and stays.

Has anyone else experienced this? Just curious!

I would also like to mention that I have tried listerine which in the past helps to numb while I wait for paracetamol or ibuprofen to kick in.

Ibuprofen I only take one as I’m worried about the side effects or possible negative effects with my heart, I find it helps but I do get chest pains sometimes??

paracetamol doesn’t help much and both paracetamol and ibuprofen take an hour-ish or so to kick in.

last night I was rolling around in agony and scared so I did take an ibuprofen after telling myself I wouldn’t (because of my heart) and sure enough I had chest pains around two hours later as I tried to go to sleep.

It could be anxiety or it could be something else.. I don’t know.

I was wondering what alternatives I could use if any?

not keen on orajel as it contained Benzo and read it can be deadly if accidentally swallowed my breathing/oxygen is not great so don’t want to chance it as it can slow breathing

I also want to mention I was scrolling on social media and a friend was asking for pain relief ideas for toothache I stupidly looked at the comments and someone who knew her said “ is what caused my heart attack! Get it taken out!”

I am now seriously freaking out! I want the tooth out but don’t want to get Covid and extraction is scary enough as it is


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD

:welcome: Welcome to DFC. Glad to have you hear. Sounds like you are going through quite a bit of pain and worry with that tooth. Sounds like a hard situation and its hard to always try to avoid something. Also to not know what to take to help it.

Its a hard time to have tooth issues during Covid . Have you tried contacting a dentist yet and asking? or not quite to that point? Do you have a good physician you see regularly? I know if I'm looking for answers on some medications I will ask my Dr as he knows my whole health and may have a good idea too what medications would be best to avoid side effects based of your whole health picture.

I know I've had chest pains before and learn they are mostly anxiety /panic attacks when I do. buut I don't like to assume that , so when it gets bad I do check to make sure its not something more serious as well at times. so its always good to check out things to give yourself a peace of mind.

I hope you can find your answers, and go to a dentist to get your peace and help with that tooth that is bothering you. maybe they can do something quick besides extraction. Even if it is extraction. Its usually one of the quickest procedures there is and with anesthetics it doesn't have to hurt a bit. Just want to make sure you get a dentist that will listen and be kind and gentle. and there are plenty out there. I encourage you to take one step at a time and try to contact some dentists that seem anxious friendly if you can.

We are here to support you in the meantime. :grouphug:


Junior member
May 18, 2020
I was in the same boat with tooth #2 and eventually for me the Orajel and Anbesol did nothing to affect the pain which obviously the roots were inside. There is a light to the end of the tunnel though :) And I'm sending positive thoughts your way. Your dentist, when you find one may find you have an infection, send you home with AB and some short supply of pain meds to prep you for oral surgery.

Just remember you're in control and at anytime something makes you feel uncomfortable, say it! That's what the dentist and the dental assistant told me who were with me along the whole process. You can do this :)

FYI I went to a dentist during C19, and they have strict procedures in place including taking peoples temperature before they enter the building. You're safety is their priority!


Jun 17, 2020
You sound as if you’re in a lot of pain. I’m based in Germany and any dentist would squeeze you in over here - aerosols or not. But I know it’s a bit different in my old home land.
If it’s any consolation I had a huge abscess about a month ago and the emergency dentist I saw told me after she’d dealt with the abscess that the tooth had to come out. I told her I’d get my own dentist to do that (even though I didn’t have one!). Anyway I picked a dentist close by and got an emergency appointment. He said he thinks he can save the tooth with RCT. We’re not out of the woods yet, but it is still in my mouth and I hope to hang on to it for a while. And if I don’t then it will be my decision, based on the medical advice of my dentist. You are in control.
I hope things get sorted for you soon.
I can’t help you with the painkillers. The best painkiller is probably a dentist though!
Good luck!