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Heart Racing SOOO Hard about tomorrow's first cleaning in many years



Junior member
Jun 8, 2022
Tomorrow I have my first dental cleaning in at least seven years. Honestly, I've lost count of how many years it's been but I want to say it's been less than 10. I am honestly surprised that I even confirmed my appointment yesterday as there was a 50% chance I was going to chicken out and reschedule. I decided that I was tired of stressing out about my teeth every day. The practice I'm going to tomorrow gets glowing reviews about clients who deal with anxiety issues and how they treat you like family and actually care about you. The very kind feedback they receive is what actually prompted me to pick up the phone.

I can't stop freaking out about the unknown. What if they find a million things wrong with my mouth? What if the cleaning leaves my mouth looking like beef carpaccio and I'm so sore I can't eat or move my mouth? Does taking an ibuprofen beforehand help with inflammation?

When I'm feeling an extreme amount of stress dealing with the unknown, my neck and my face are prone to getting red and splotchy. I just know that when I'm sitting in the chair tomorrow, that this is likely to happen and that the hygienist and the dentist are going to ask about it. That will make me feel even more stressed out. I did tell them on the phone that I have a lot of anxiety, so hopefully things will be okay. I really should have seen a therapist about my anxiety/depression before going to the dentist, but here I am. Has anyone had a glass of wine or a beer before their afternoon appointment? Honestly I was contemplating it, but I think I'll be nervous to maintain a buzz.
Hi @Kateconn, just wanted to wish you the best of luck for tomorrow!! Great to hear that you managed to tell them on the phone how anxious you are - hopefully, they'll be able to make you feel comfortable and at ease 🤗.

We've collected some tips for coping with dental visits here (sadly, a glass of wine is not among them - it does sound rather tempting, I must admit :)):

Please let us know how you get on :clover:🤞!
Hi, I just had my first cleaning yesterday, in almost 20 years. I too was terrified. Me personally, I had no sensitivities or achy teeth. The exam and cleaning went good. A little uncomfortable at times with the cleaning and then having to get under the gum line and what not. But not as bad as the daily stress of the unknown. I do have a few cavities I have to get filled. And wisdom tooth that needs to come out (pushing on a molar). The dentist didn’t bat an eye when I told her how long it has been. They had a look. Made some notes and then I was getting my teeth cleaned. I now have a cleaning appointment scheduled for December.

I never had any feeling I was being judged.

I read that it’s never nearly as bad as you expect. I figured, it won’t be the same for me, it will be terrible. Turns out, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting…not even close

You’ll be fine. No matter what the outcome is, you’re on your way back to clean oral health

Good luck!
@Hancock49321 I'm glad it went better than you were expecting. That's great. I'm glad you didn't feel judged- neither did I. Somehow I have no cavities. Not sure how that's possible but I'll take it. They were all so nice and friendly and I was so appreciative. I unfortunately had to have a deep cleaning done with novocaine. They tried cleaning my teeth initially with a numbing cream and it was extremely painful after a few minutes. Like intolerable. So then they gave me novocaine and did a deep cleaning. It took quite some time and they only did one half of my mouth. The 2nd part of my cleaning is next week. I have some gum inflammation that they need me to get a handle on. They gave me a "listerine on steroids" solution to use daily. They say in due time that I should turn the corner so that was good to hear.
That’s amazing! Nice to have that weight lifted huh?
Yeah, I thought they did a deep clean on mine?
Good for you for getting to the dentist!!!! Congrats!!