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Heat sensitivity after white filling



Junior member
Dec 25, 2020
Hello everyone.

I'm a student in Germany. Went for a regular checkup and because of some toothache about three months ago and it turned out i have some big cavities and will definitely need at least one root canal. As of now the root canal and most cavities are taken care of. I have two large filling which my dentist said could end up needing a root canal eventually if sensitivity and pain didn't subside. After about 6 weeks, i would say they are less sensitive and pain has significantly decreased. But just last night i noticed some mild sensitivity to hot drinks. I rarely drink hot liquids so i don't know of that's new or not. Since hot sensitivity is never a good thing I'm now super anxious about having to bring this up and needing a root canal. I feel super tired of going to the dentist two times a weeks in the past months. We're doing online classes and I feel like I've spent more time on my way to the dentist and on the unit than in all of my classes. The only thing that gets me going is that I'm going to fly home in February and spent a few weeks with my family and friends, and I'm super anxious about having to postpone or cancel my flight because my god damn teeth are not going to leave me alone just yet. Also my dentist does the root canal in like four sessions, using the permanent filing only on the last one. Which in reassuring on one hand, but also super tiresome for me emotionally.

I guess my question is if heat sensitive could have other reasons than a dying nerve. White material were used to do the filling and I do grind my teeth at nights due to anxiety. Also, if the tooth IS dying, would it be a gamble to treat it after I'm back from vacation which would be late April?
I know I should wait to ask my dentist. But i just can't stop thinking about these and holidays feel ruined anyway.

Thank you and sorry for the long wall of text

sorry to hear about your ongoing dental voyage, but unfortunately it sounds like it is for a root canal treatment.
Sensitivity to warm is mainly when the nerve is getting inflamed and mostly (for unknown reason) after deep white fillings.
Although it is a bummer, you be able to complete the root canal treatment before your home visit. In most cases one or tow sessions should be enough for a root canal treatment.