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Hello, another phobic guy arrives



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Jan 21, 2015
Tacoma Washington
Hello all. What can I say, ive had a severe fear of the dentist since i visited a sadistic pediatric dentist as a kid. I havent seen the dentist in years. Well now i have to, the only molar i have left is cracked in half and i cant seem to yank it myself. So i have no other choice. My insurance wont kick in for another month, so im off to a dental college on monday.. yes, a not fully quallified person will be attempting to yank my molar. with some real dentist hanging about. Im very unthrilled by this. Im going to try and take control of the visit. Telling the doc what they can and cant do or say. To work on ONLY that molar, touch no others. make no comment about the others, i know theyre rotten, i dont need a reminder. That the guy will tell me what he wants to do before he does it and i agree to it. So THATS my plan to deal with this impending nightmare. Much of these ideas i came about on this sight, so great job for having that up. Jay
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Hi Jay,

You are absolutely right in your approach. I just want to point out two things which I find crucial:
1- In the end you want the dentist to work with you, you want collaboration, so when you state your needs and concerns try to do it in a pleasant productive way. Remember that it takes time for one person to know the other (there is no receipt for that) so time and patience are needed:)
2- If you feel no compliance from the dentist to follow your needs, you have the right to stop the procedure. You are the one to decide what and when will happen and the dentist (legally) has to respect that.
Oh, trust me, i plan to be rather courteous. Though being totally honest with the doc about what I think it will take for me to be able to get through this procedure. I know its going to take many visits to get my teeth back into shape. So im going to have to face this fear and try to realize the truth, that im ultimately in control of what will be going on and happening. I will never have a movie stars smile, but id like to be out of pain and not embarassed when i do smile.
If you need and advise, feel free to ask :)
The dentist appointment is tomorrow, so of course im anxious and anxiety ridden. But it needs to be done, im as ready as ill ever be. Plus, i will be downing a bottle of whiskey when i get home from the dentist. Dont bother to say that i shouldnt, i will need it to cope.
I don't know specifically about your country, but in my experience the students at dental schools have been great and very qualified. They are very careful - moreso than many older dentists, and meticulous. It's great that you have a plan to be upfront about what you want done at the appointment. Keeping control can really help with the anxiety. And if you need the whisky after, you need the whisky, I don't think anyone here would judge you for that, we all know how much stress the dentist is! Good luck :)
So it didnt go as planned. The top of the molar came off, the roots stayed stuck. They worked on getting them out and they couldnt. So im going to an oral surgeon next week. The experience wasnt too bad. I had 4 xanax in me, a propranolol tablet and id smoked a joint before hand. The docs were nice, female *i trust women more than men*. It was a good experience all around, even if it couldnt be completed.
Well done for going, that takes real courage to go and jump straight in with an extraction, respect! :respect:

So so it was sort of successful in that it wasn't as bad as you expected, which is good, but you still have the bottom bit in your jaw. TBH I think an Oral Surgeon will be good, as they specialise in this kind of procedure and therefore it should be straightforward hopefully.

hope it all goes well for you, don't forget to let us know if you need any moral support.

kind Regards