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Hello Everyone. I'm Back



Jun 3, 2010
Hello everyone. I'm back again. Last time I posted was a year ago.

Since then things have not been good. I was widowed at the end of May this year:cry: My late husband had serious heart problems for a number of years and was very ill earlier this year. It wasn't his heart that killed him but a colon disease no-one knew he had - Diverticular Disease.

Anyway, one thing he did want me to do was get my teeth fixed so, I plucked up the courage to find another dentist and posthumously fulfil his wish.

There is a fairly new dentist started up in our town which seemed to have good write ups (they're NHS) so I decided to give them a try. They have two dentists there who specialise in people who are very nervous (like me) so I picked one.

I'm not long back from there and I do believe I have found the nicest, kindest dentist I've ever come across.

He checked out my teeth and decided I have to lose 7 of them (no surprise there). A couple are going to need filling. I have 4 crowns in the front. One of them is loose so that is going. The others I will keep for the time being. They are beginning to go loose too but he says they will last quite a while yet and thinks keeping them will help me adjust to wearing dentures. Those are the uppers.

On the lower gum, the two loose front teeth are going (surprised they're still there) and the front side teeth are staying with some work. The wisdom root at the back is also going. The gum has receded on one but it is still very firm in my gum so again it will stay for the time being to support a denture.

He took the initial impressions today. I was worried that the two front teeth would come out with it. He's got a sense of humour and when he took the mould out, he looked at it seriously, went "Hmmm" then laughed and said my teeth were still there. He did remove the mould very, very carefully.

I go back on the 27th of this month to get a bite impression taken and, for once, I'm relaxed about it all.

I will be getting immediate dentures.

What a difference a good dentist can make. I'm not looking forward to getting my teeth out but I am looking forward to being able to eat properly and not be embarrassed when I open my mouth, particularly when meeting new people.

I will let you know how things go.

Never thought I'd ever say I would be looking forward to going to the dentist ;D
Welcome back Corky, so sorry for your loss. It sound slike you are moving forward with life and your teeth. Finding a good dentist is the really important part. Your's sounds awesome. Keep us posted on how it's going.

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, my new dentist is awesome. He also has a sense of humour. When he was taking the impressions, he dabbed a bit on my nose LOL. Kind, gentle and good humoured. What more could I ask for?

I'm also a smoker and, unlike the two previous dentists I tried (both were absolute horrors), he did not condemn me for smoking.

I admit to being a little nervous of getting some (most) of my upper teeth out, partly because I know I've got long roots in the front teeth. I lost my eye tooth a few years ago (it had split vertically) and it came out in bits. Took nearly 30 minutes to get all the pieces out by which time I'd been reduced to a quivering wreck. The front tooth (a crown) next to that has to go but it is on the loose side so I'm hoping it doesn't put up too much of a fight.

The lower teeth aren't such a problem apart from the wisdom root which is level with the gum.

I do wonder if I will have stitches - something I really don't want. Never had stitches before even when I lost three of my molars in one go when I was 19. Healed up quickly.

I will list my questions and ask them at the next appointment, including what type of partials, how they are held in place etc., I will have. The last partials I had were a complete waste of time. Even with poligrip they wouldn't stay in place and I gave up with them in the end (that was from one of the horrors) after being told I was wasting that particular "dentist's" time :mad:

It will be really nice to smile without embarrassment and, after the partials settle in, be able to eat properly again. Definitely looking forward to that ;D