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Hello Everyone.


Matt R73

Apr 20, 2015
Hi I've been hovering since joining in April. I'm 42 and from the UK. I'm in a bad way with my teeth with 3 badly broken molars and a molar that has died with a reoccurring abscess above it for about a year:o. I've not visited a dentist in 10 years since developing severe anxiety and panic disorder. It's a nightmare I just can't face a dentist with the way I feel and I think and worry about my teeth 24/7 and have had bouts of mind blowing pain. Anyway that's me and wish you all well.

Hello Matt R73 and :welcome:

You are not alone in avoiding the dentist due to anxiety, I avoided it for more than 20 years but am slowly getting things fixed now.

There is a wealth of information on this website and the forum which will help you, do you know what things trigger your anxiety? Sometimes this can be the best place to start as it gets your thoughts in order.

Hope that helps some, don't forget to check out the dentist reviews for your area on this forum too.
Hi Matt,

I hope you can get the help you need and take that giant first step to the dentists. We can all support you on here as we are currently going down the same road/enduring the journey.

I personally still have a long way to go but believe me that there are some really lovely dentists here in the UK now. They are also really used to dental phonics. They will tell you it's far more common than you think and they will do there best to put you at ease.

Have a browse through the different sections of the forum and stick with us - we can all help each other.

Take car:clover: