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hello everyone

Mikey Boy

Mikey Boy

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Dec 4, 2009
i had to make a new profile , i just dont know why im not ready its like theres a wall in front of me and i cant get over it ,it just stops me dead in my tracks wish i could get over it start this thing cause i really want to i do :cry:
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why the new profile mike?

Go to the dentist, really if I can do it, so can you

cause i cant get into my other one and yea i know i will thank yu :grouphug:
Hi nice to meet you aceman.

im back

hey everyone back from vacation and i got two canker sores this sucks
Hi everyone how have yu all been

Alot has happend since I've been gone I lost a family. Member me n my girlfriend broke up with me and I'm getting my drivers licences
Re: Hi everyone how have yu all been

Hi Mike,

Sounds like you've had one of those years, sorry to hear that. :o But have you done anything more about your teeth ?

Re: Hi everyone how have yu all been

Sorry about the family member and girlfriend. Have you called the dentist yet??
Re: Hi everyone how have yu all been

So far I've had one root canal done wit iv sedation:)
The next step

Either next month or January seeing my dentist don't know war it is yet though:)
Is it weird

For me to want a woman dentist or no please comment:innocent:
Re: Is it weird

I don't think it's too weird. Lots of people have specific preferences for different reasons. I've always had male dentists up until my current dentist (who is female) and I find that I am much more comfortable with communicating with her and allowing her to invade my space in order to do the work. Everybody is entitled to their preferences for whatever the reason may be.
Re: Is it weird

I was just woundering I'm looking for a female dentist I just think they r much nicer and sympathyic and easier to talk to;)
Re: Is it weird

I agree with you there. I find my dentist to be much more sympathetic, gentle, and sensitive to my comfort level but I hear that there are several good male dentists out there as well. Also, I have heard several people coming across not so nice female dentists so who knows. All of my previous male dentists failed to address my fears and the first female dentist I met did so that's enough evidence for me! :)
Re: Is it weird

For me to want a woman dentist or no please comment:innocent:

No not at all....many people have a preference and for a whole variety of reasons.

Experience has taught me that there are good and bad dentists of both sexes but as a woman I still find I tend to prefer male dentists other things being equal and it seems common for men to prefer female dentists.

The only thing I would say is, if your only objection to an 'otherwise perfect on paper' dentist is their sex then maybe you are unnecessarily denying yourself something which could work in your favour.
Soda addiction gone

I'm so proud of myself I dont drink soda anymore and it feels so good:yay:
Re: Hi everyone how have yu all been

So far I've had one root canal done wit iv sedation:)

Excellent, so now you know how it goes and what to expect next time. Good luck for your next appointment !

Re: The next step

Relapse with soda darn:shame:
Tooth feels numb

Since my tooth ache stoped my tooth feels numb:(