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Hello I've got to have a aveloloplasty done on top left and right gum. How is that done bc I'm nervous



Junior member
Sep 19, 2023
Newton, NC, United States
Hello I've got to have a aveloloplasty done on my top right and left gum. I've already had my top teeth pulled. my top dentures don't fit no matter what is done bc of the excess bone. How is this done? I'm nervous bc dentist sets my dental phobia
There are a few different ways to do it, you need to ask the surgeon doing it if you really want to know, sorry.
@Gordon.. I just had it done today...my mouth/jaw feels like someone has tried to rip it out. Dr cut gum open and shaved the bone and sowed it back up. Easy peazy you'd think but omg this is starting to hurt especially since the numbness is wearing off
Glad you got through it. Get stuck into the pain killers now.

Applying some ice to the outside of your face in the general area might help too.
@Gordon..no pain killers for me. I just take 800 ibuprofen and 500mg Tylenol. I'll call dentist if pain gets to unbearable