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Hello ooooo

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Jan 27, 2017
I am waiting to get my teeth done under sedation. I have been told it's a 13 week wait just for the first appointment. I have to get a few out and a few fillings. I am doing my best to look after my teeth while I wait. I am brushing twice a day, using mouth wash, and flossing but I have been noticing that my teeth seem to be getting worse. When I first went to the dentist I had to get the bottom tooth on the left side out, if you start at the back on the left and count to 3 moving to the right it's that tooth I need out and the right side at the top very back tooth has to come out, I had a filling to get between my two very front teeth and a filling to get on the bottom right about 3rd from the back. Now I noticed that on the bottom left the very last tooth and one next to it seem to be getting decayed now.

Also when I floss I feel like I have to force the floss in between my teeth, the floss gets stuck, I have to pull it hard to get it out and the gums bleed, I can't floss the back teeth at the top I just don't know how to get to them and when I floss the top right teeth I actually feel like the floss is going right through the tooth


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi you shouldn't force the floss through, if it is hard then take it slow and gentle. Ask your dentist to show you how to floss properly and also how to get to the back teeth. You can get floss on a stick thing that makes it easier, I use some things called flossers by wisdom, you can use any make but make sure they are the easy glide ones.
You can also get interdental brushes to use to clean between the teeth, I don't like the bristle ones so I use rubber ones by wisdom. They do different sizes so that if you only have small gaps between your teeth you use a thinner one. These are a one use brush and might be easier for you to use.