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Help after full mouth extraction, getting used to my mouth being took over by teeth and eating???



Junior member
Aug 3, 2021
Hi I had a full mouth extraction 2months ago, I got my new teeth a week ago and I'm struggling, I have no problem with the top staying put but the bottom I carnt work it out at first with fixodent extra there fine, but not for long the more I move my mouth they loosen and can dislodge, also I carnt eat yet nit even soup or very slowly, any help appreciated thankyou x
Hi @Yevvo80, I can't help with with personal experiences, but we have a page about dentures which was written by one of our forum moderators who has personal experience of full dentures. There might be some useful tips in there as well as links to further information:

I have used Fixodent Extra, it is crap. Stick with the regular stuff, it's just as good and cheaper. From your description I suspect your bottom denture doesn't fit as well as it could, because if it did then Fixodent would keep it in all day for you. Get the fit checked. My previous bottom denture often came loose after lunch but before dinner - my new one doesn't.
@Yevvo80 I'm not help yet but I'm getting a full tooth extraction in 2 weeks and immediate dentures and that happening scares the shit out of me