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Help. Extra tooth or permanent tooth


shutter bug

Junior member
Aug 27, 2009
Hello again,

My 5 yr old son is about to have a couple of teeth removed. His baby tooth which has become loose and another that the dentist said is an extra tooth. I am concerned that the tooth being removed might be his permanent tooth and not just an extra tooth for the tooth fairy...

How can one tell the difference between an extra tooth that has to be removed and one that could be the permanent tooth coming out???

Help please, he is set for surgery in a couple of days.....

Shutter Bug:(
Thought you said it was a supernumerary tooth? They're very different from permanent teeth.
I am not sure what it is, the dentist said it was a supernumerary, but my question is how he could tell it is an extra tooth and not just his permanent tooth....?
Because supernumeraries look nothing like permanent teeth.