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Help, fear of brushing teeth



Junior member
Jul 25, 2023
North Carolina
Hi, I am reaching out regarding my nine year old daughter. She has done well with brushing her teeth until about two months ago. She had a couple of loose teeth and didn’t want to brush near them. It has now escalated to an extreme fear and she is very anxious about brushing her teeth or letting me do it. She says she is scared and doesn’t know why. She says it doesn’t hurt when we resort to making her let us do it. She cries the whole time and for a while after they have been brushed. Any information and advice would be appreciated.
Sounds like this needs more specialist help than a dentist can provide. Maybe ask your paediatrician for some ideas?
Do a search in your area for therapists (psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrist) who specialize in children's anxiety disorders. Children often develop weird phobias and anxieties! They can be so upsetting, but a GOOD pediatric therapist can help work through them. They usually use cognitive-behavioural therapy.
I understand that fear can make certain tasks difficult, but remember that brushing your teeth is crucial for your oral health. To help overcome this fear, start small. Set a timer for just a minute and focus on brushing gently. Gradually increase the time as you become more comfortable. Using a soft-bristle toothbrush and a mild toothpaste might also make the process more pleasant. If the fear persists, consider talking to a dentist or therapist who can provide guidance and support tailored to your needs. Your oral health is important, and taking small steps can make a big difference.
Anyone remember that spam emoji from the old days?? Except now they're using ChatGPT...
I was having a classmate spend the night one night. He forgot his toothbrush. He washed his hands, put some toothpaste on his finger, and brushed his teeth like that. Oh, and he became a dentist.