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Help...... going to the dentist in a few days



Junior member
Jul 4, 2011
Hello everyone, thanks in advance for the help.

Well..... I will be going to the dentist in a few days. This would be my 2nd dentist in 2 weeks. My question is before my first visit I began to feel two of my teeth aching right where my gumline meets the the teeth. I wasn't sure if it was a toothache or due to gum disease. The dentist did an x-ray exam and saw nothing wrong with the teeth..... but yet never answered or told me it was due to my gums.

Past few weeks it's been like hell for me..... my whole jaw would ache, lips would go numb, ears and sinus would hurt. Can a regular dentist tell if I do indeed have gum disease by looking at it and x-rays? Or do I have to go see a periodontist expert for a second opinion? I've also noticed my teeth spreading a bit and my speech sounding different now. Please help me out. Thanks again.
Any dentist or hygienist can tell if you have gum disease.