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Help. How bad is 'open sinus communication'



Junior member
Apr 6, 2013
York, PA
I had upper right molar (13?) removed today. It was difficult removal and I felt pressure in my right eye and ear (bizarre). After the extraction, the dentist told me I have an 'open sinus communication'. This sounds very scary. I can't cough, sneeze, rinse my mouth vigorously, blow my nose, bend over, or move my head abruptly. It's now 10 hours later, and I feel dizzy--unbalanced. My right ear and right nostril feel 'wrong'--heavier, colder, and I feel like the right side of my face is heavier. I'm scared I'm going to feel this lack of balance forever. Do people ever feel normal again? I know it's only 10 hours, but I feel like I'm in perpetual vertigo. I started the antibiotics immediately. The dentist wants to see me in one week for a post-op xray to make sure nothing's gone wrong. Is infection all the doctor is worried about? He seemed very concerned--which freaks me out. I don't know what else to look for other than infection? Could this cause a permanent dizziness? I don't know. I've never heard of this before. Please let me know your experiences. Thank you.
It happens now and then to all dentists.
Usually heals on its own unless you create pressure gradients between your mouth and sinus.
Worse case you will need another surgery to close the defect. Some dentists can do it most will refer.