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Help!!! I'm not sure about the treatment plan!!



Junior member
Sep 11, 2023
Oklahoma city
Hi everyone!

I'm excited to share that I've finally overcome my fear of going to the dentist after avoiding it for 30 years! My 40th birthday is coming up in December, and I decided it was time to prioritize my dental health. I'm relieved to have found a fantastic dentist who's patient and kind, which has significantly eased my anxiety.

Now, with that said, my dentist has provided me with a treatment plan, and I find myself a bit confused. The plan includes eight fillings, a deep cleaning, three extractions, and the removal of my two lower wisdom teeth. All three extractions are due to broken teeth at the gumline. I knew going in that there would be a lot to address, but I'm ready to get this behind me.

Here's where my concern lies: The dentist wants my first visit to focus on three fillings. I'm wondering why this is the initial step instead of extracting the broken teeth, especially since they are causing discomfort. Additionally, the wisdom tooth area is inflamed, and I'm experiencing some pain (more like pressure). Shouldn't we prioritize addressing this issue? The dentist did mention wanting to start with lighter procedures, but the first visit will cost me $600 out of pocket after insurance. I'm just a bit puzzled about whether these are the right steps to take.

I'd really appreciate any insights or advice you might have on this situation. Has anyone else experienced a similar treatment plan? How did you approach it?
Hey jennk001,

first of all: well done! Seeing a dentist after 30 years is amazing! :thumbsup:

I guess the only way to go is to discuss this with them and figure out what their thoughts on that are.

From the purely mental health perspective - which is the only one I can comment on -, if someone has a severe dental phobia, they may get overwhelmed easily and any bad experience raises the chance that they stop coming back sooner or later. This is a typical spiral with emergency appointments. So starting small may actually be a better long term approach for anxiety but ideally they still should consider your wishes and preferences.