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Help I'm scared my tooth might crumble



Junior member
Jun 20, 2020
Hi, I'm so glad I found this forum.

I previously haven't had a massive amount of dental work. Fillings, wisdom teeth removal as a teen, one onlay. My teeth are straight despite never having braces. I have a very good diet (I only drink water, no soda, fruit juice, don't eat much sugar, lots of vegetables) and I don't smoke. I use a waterpik and sonicare and always floss. I always felt like I had good teeth even though I seemed prone to cavities.

I had a cleaning done in March and after that the dentist refilled an old filling. It was a rough feeling experience and I left in pain and with much less trust in my dentist. The filling was too high and then they shut down for Covid. So I had to suffer with a lot of pain and difficulty eating until I could find another dentist who would take care of it for me (I had to go back a couple times). It is less bad feeling now but the waiting really messed with my (previously fine) bite.

So I've been trying to get my bite back to a relaxed normal position with massage and relaxation and felt like it was slowly getting to a better position.

The day before yesterday I looked at my teeth and there was a white spot on the top of one of my front bottom teeth, number 24. I scratched at it gently with my nail and it sort of flaked/powdered off on top and then a bit from the back half inside came off horizontally (less than 1/8th of an inch). The piece that came off seemed brittle and broke into smaller pieces. I panicked immediately and I don't feel like I've been able to calm down since. There was no pain or blood or anything.

When I shine a flashlight on the tooth I see a lot of craze lines and I'm terrified that my tooth will crumble all the way down. Worse, the corner of the tooth next to it (25) looks a little white on the top like 24 did but I'm not going to touch that one at all. I'm scared I'm going to lose my front teeth.

I have made an appointment in 2 days with a dentist who specializes in anxious patients and I am just hoping it's not as bad as I worry. I am hoping it could just be a weak spot and some bonding could make it stable again.

Can a previously okay tooth go from fine (the hygienist and dentist never said anything about it and the hygienist had to have seen them since she cleaned them) to crumbling in 3 months?

Also, the dentist I saw to correct my high filling mentioned that a back tooth had some demineralization and that made me nervous so I bought some Boka toothpaste with nano hydroxyapatite and have been using that for about 3 weeks. I've now stopped after my tooth came off in case that was making my teeth more brittle. Do you think this could have something to do with it? I've never seen anyone say that could happen with nano hydroxyapatite.

I am so terrified and I am afraid to eat anything. I'm worried I have weak crumbling teeth and nothing will be able to be done except removal or implants. If anyone has any advice or comfort or anything I could really use it.

Please, be gentle, I am so scared. Is there a way to save my teeth?


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
It sounds like it was a piece of calculus aka tartar that came off your tooth. Scary but nothing to worry about.
No toothpaste will make your teeth more brittle (or indeed, less brittle) so if you like the stuff you're using, carry on with it.