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Help! Low vitamin D and wisdom teeth



Oct 12, 2020
Los Angeles
Okay so I’ve posted before!
well, my bottom wisdom teeth are impacted. They have not erupted or tried to.
But as of recently one side has or is. Not so sure!
I noticed swelling but no pain.
As days go by I notice my back molar looks as if the gum is inflamed and starting to slowly eat the tooth. Still no pain. The only pain I’ve been having is jaw pain. My entire jaw. Not sure if it’s from grinding teeth or clenching jaw throughout the day.
I recently had a full panel X-ray of wisdom teeth. I was told she would remove the impacted tooth and then remove part of bone on back molar since the wisdom tooth is pressing against it. She told me it would be easy! My government insurance approved it. So now it’s a matter of me making an appointment.
the only big issue is! I have been low on vitamin d for so long! I get checked every 4 month! But with Covid I haven’t been able to get blood work done. I’ve been feeling weak lately. And can’t get through to my doctors office.
I want to schedule wisdom tooth removal in two weeks but I’m worried I won’t heal right because of low vitamin D!Please can anyone suggest anything?
Hi Perez818,

this would be a question to ask your dentist. They will know whether low vitamin D can be a problem for the extraction. I have read that the most people are deficient on it anyway and probably do not even know. But, my rambling here doesn't count, just call your dentist and ask them!

All the best wishes
I am low on vitamin D, its very common. Its never affected any dental work etc. I just make sure they know beforehand
Also make sure you take a Vitamin D3 supplement if you don't already take one, your doctor should be able to prescribe one ? (I take it you're on a supplement already if your doctor is aware of this issue?)