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Help me



Junior member
Jul 30, 2020
I need to get my teeth fixed so bad. They hurt all the time and my jaw hurts sometimes too. My fear is a few things, being in the dentist chair, I hate being numb, feeling trapped like I can’t breath because I have a lot of sinus issues, and I really don’t like the idea of sedatives, unless I was fully asleep, which is really expensive. I get severe panic when I think about going in and talk myself out of it. I want my teeth fixed so bad! Please help me


Jan 29, 2017
First thing's first, know that in the end you're more in control than you think. You decide what treatments you feel you need, all the dentist can do is give an educated recommendation based on your individual situation. In my experience, dentists are aware of the fear their patients may have and that's a leading contributor to oral health issues, so they've come a long way in ensuring their patients are comfortable and pain free.

The first step in combating avoidance is to look for a dentist you can trust. Look in your area for dental practices who may specialize in nervous patients. It can be a daunting task, especially in the middle of a pandemic, but rewarding in the end once you find someone you have confidence working on your mouth. Then they can address what issues you may have. Be open about your anxiety and its triggers and see what they can do to build that rapport. When all's said and done it's better to get these things sorted sooner than later.

I hope you can find a dentist who's understanding and can squeeze you in for a check-up to see what's going on. I promise it won't be nearly as bad as you think. Us anxiety sufferers like to needlessly catastrophize any situation, I can attest to that.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Minneapolis, MN

Do you have a dentist that you have been thinking of going to or in mind? or have looked at practices that are anxious friendly? Maybe if not writing them or taking the setp of just visiting and expressing your fears, you might get a good feel for them and some possible reassurance of what might work good for you. Have you thought of nitrous? I know alot of people like this. its more temporary and seems a little more controllable and takes effect for less time without it costing as much as sedation. ? I know for me, Lorazepam just a very slight dose can just take a small edge off but yet feel completely normal and aware. This post is written so great and would be perfect to tell any anxious friendly dentist so they know how best to help you!

I know its hard.. and totally agree with @AbeLinkedIn remember you are always in control. and if you don't get the feeling you are, you are probably in the wrong place.