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Help...NEED ADVICE on Crowns



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Jan 15, 2017
I would any feedback on thoughts regarding having several crowns put in at once. I have severe dental anxiety
and this new dentist is recommending 5 crowns and that it would be best to do all at once. IS this best??
Would it be difficult healing after 5 or worse if I do it in separate visits. The crowns are all done in office 0
using Cerec- no temps. TY!!!! :redface:
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I have never had multiple crowns done at once. That would be a conversation I would have with the dentist. I think I would prefer to have them all done at once. I too am terrified of dentists and would rather have the fewest appointments possible. CEREC sounds great, although my dentist doesn't have it. If I need more crowns (and I will) I think I will have to find a dentist with CEREC. Not sure I can do the extra appointment anymore. Wish you the best.
Are they all.in the same area or.scattered around? That would. Definitely contribute to my decision.
Another consideration
5 crowns at one time conventionally might require 2-4 hours depending on difficulty, location and your particular dentist. 5 crowns with Cerec will take more time. There are few dentists who can consistently get excellent results with Cerec from what I have seen. It is not impossible and I don't want to say what any particular dentist can do. I have met some exceptionally talented individuals.
Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means.. I am incredibly anxious, and primarily bc I
had no idea that I even had issues. My dentist of 3o yrs never indicated this, so when I went in to see this new
guy I was informed I needed a full scaling done ( will do this in 3 days) and needed 5 crowns. Then after being told this , two days later one of the teeth needing a crown broke. So I now have a broken #14. All these crowns I need are for teeth with very old fillings (40+ yrs ).
The dentist says he will give me a price break ( including free sedation) if I get all 5 done at once. BUt he also does not feel that removing the mercury from 5 teeth is an issue at all..
Oh, Btw, I need 3 crowns on my upper R, one on my upper L (which broke) and one on lower left.
any advice is so appreciated. I have to make a decision by Wednesday and put at least 1/3 of the money down.
Part of me feels that I shud just get the broken #14 done now, then wait on the other four but I probably will not get any price break.....:shame:
PS/ why will Cerec take more time??
Do you have deep fillings and extra decay underneath that needs to be cleaned at the crown appt? I ask because I just had 2 crowns done, both on my right side, one upper back molar and one bottom molar.

Right afterwards and for the following 2 weeks, I've had pain all over my mouth. I can't tell which tooth it's coming from but my dentist swears it's the bottom because he said there was so much decay he was hesitant doing the crown and thought RCT might happen in the future. The decay was close to a nerve. Anyhow, I'm on Vicodin now for the pain and having RCT tomorrow. I have odd pain on my upper teeth as well and he is convinced it's residual pain from my lower molar. I am not so sure. Therefore, when I think of having 5 crowns, I would wonder about possible recovery and follow up pain, that's all.