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HELP!!! Numbing effect w/ block for lower molar extraction



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May 9, 2015
Please help!!! I need some help... I have to have a tooth extracted. (Lower molar). I am in severe panic because of the numbing effect. I don’t mind the needle, the pulling of the tooth but I do mind the block they have to use that numbs the whole is of my face and I’ve been reading it makes you feel like you’re choking!!!!!!! I don’t want my throat numb!! I’m petrified. Literally

My dr gave me .5 mg (2 tabs) of Xanax to take 30 mins before the appt. but I’ve never taken it before and I don’t know if it will make me freak out?? Please help anyone who’s taken Xanax for dental extraction

Thank you
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You are not alone in your fear of this.. the feeling like you can't breath, are choking, throat is numb is an awful one.. I haven't taken Xanax but Lorazepam for anxiety before procedures.. and that is a nice suble relaxed feeling I heard Xanax was simliar .. if so it may help.. Maybe ask if an assistant or dentist can stay in the room with you after to reassure you and help you focus on breathing and help after the block.. I know I panic when I feel this and there is no one in the room with me. Its been years since I've had a lower block but I always fear having this feeling.
Hi Abshire,

the nerve block sounds worse than it is. It absolutely won't numb your whole face, won't touch your throat at all and won't make you choke. What will feel weird is your tongue. If the numbing makes you that nervous, why not telling your dentist about it before the procedure and letting him/her explain to you, where the nerve that will get numbed is (it has no connection to your throat) and what you can expect?
I can't remember how it felt as I had this kind of anesthesia myself (if I choked or couldn't breathe, I would remember) but I had seen a lot of people who got numbed there and they were all fine.

Hope this reassures you a bit, all the best wishes and let us know how it went.
Thank you so much. That honestly helps me beyond belief. They say the actual extraction doesn’t take long at all. I’m just so scared of the numb feelings
I have been numbed over 10 times. I have had 5 adult teeth extractions. Only 1 on the bottom 3 years ago tho. I read people saying stuff about this block that I have to have that’s what has me so upset. Then I had someone tell me Xanax can make me more anxious
Wow, ok, so you are perfectly familiar with being numbed, so you will be absolutely fine. It won't feel any different than you are used to.
Xanax is medication against anxiety, it is supposed to make you calmer, not more anxious. That would be like painkiller making the pain worse - just makes no sense.

People talk a lot and a lot of that is not true, especially when it comes to dental treatments and a lot of it is not true or just missing context. You have had enough procedures so you can always rely on your own experiences and if anything worries you, just talk to your dentist, he knows the best and will be happy to answer your questions.
I just really paid attention to what you said. This is not “new” I have been thru this before. I know what it’s all about, it’s the other people who have created this god awful fear in me. The truth is if it was as bad as my anxiety is making me feel it is then it probably wouldn’t still be used. (Block)