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Help!!! Please need immediate response



Former Member
for the last 3 days my jaw has been hurting.. I have pushed on every tooth near the pain in my jaw and nothing hurts as far as my teeth goes.. but man.. my jaw right in the corner, where the bottom and top jaw meet (if that makes sense) is having pains that come and go.. gets worse if I use my jaw or do anything active that gets my blood pumping.. I just pushed on my teeth again, and no pain in the teeth.. the pain will radiate from the corner where the jaw bones meet to the jaw on my chin if this makes sense.. I do have popping jaws, always have and have been told that I may have TMJ.. so what the heck is this pain? yesterday it was so bad I was in tears and had to take one of my left over hydro-codone from my tooth extraction a few months ago to ease the pain.. ironically this pain is on the same side of the tooth I had extracted a few months back due to it breaking severely near the root.. Help! It is somewhat better today, as long as I don't do anything.. I just tried to do some simple cleaning, sweeping, etc and the jaw started to ache again.. I am going to call my dentist and get in ASAP tomorrow, but if there is anything that it could be?
Note.. on Friday I had a flu shot.. which is around the time the jaw pain started.. if that is a possible reason?