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Help really concerned on what to do about my front upper tooth.



Junior member
Apr 30, 2019
New York
I'm 35 women, wheelchair bound and on Disability. I have Lupus, fibromyalgia, and Sjogrens (which equills really dry dry mouth, throte and lungs). Last year I had a cavity between my two front teeth... There are only 2 dentist in our area that accepts my insurance. The one was very rude and a family member that does not believe my illness works there. So I switch rather then dealing with the kirt non belief attitude I was getting. This new Dentist recognized the cavity and was surprised because it looked like it had been there a while. So I was glad I switched. He fixed it but it was difficult to floss as the teeth seemed closer together or the filling made them that way. Food gets stuck in there all the time and is hard to get out. I delt with it thinking I'll just floss more...

well a year later almost passed And now, as expected but I kept silent, the other tooth next to it has an even bigger cavity.. this one so deep it caused a shadow looking stain on the other side. on the front like I had been drinking too much coffee or something. For a while I thought it was just my medical marijuanna staining my teeth or something (I use the inture drops under the tongue). So He filled it but had me bight down from a laying down possition and ofcaurse my over bite is different laying down then it is sitting down but I trusted him and let him do it... it felt wrong... so he came back in as requested and tested it again and said it's hitting your tooth not the filling. So I thought well maybe because it is numb....

I wake up today and it's a struggle to eat as my mollars are not touching. My only thought is mayby it's too sticking out the filling and not little my over bite with my bottem teeth not being able to slide up and so it's hitting the tooth funny. A bunch of flaky white stuff came off too which I assume is the flashing or maybe some of the bonding. It was a white filling that they shone a light on with a orange glass paddle looking thing they held up to the teeth. It's all so different now that they don't have silver fillings anymore like they did when I was a kid. Can they even file it?

I'm scared to go back my tooth never hurt till after the filling, It still hurts, and it's hard to chew... my Jaw hurts from hyper extending it over my bottom jaw so my mollars can touch when chewing and grinding on the food. Will it wear down over time? should I not even bother? I certainly don't want to go to the other dentist in auburn where the rude people were. It's a longer drive to Syracuse to this doctor. I wish My insurance was at my Mom's place they are better at cosmetic dentistry. But this is more then cosmetic it's unconfertable to chew and the tooth is hurting.


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
The filling is too high in your bite and needs adjusted. Should take a few seconds and won't hurt.