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Help, toddler first molar removal, so sad :(



Junior member
Jul 26, 2023
Hi lovely people,

Hope you can help ease my anxiety.

My son's first molar is scheduled to be removed :( He is almost 4 years old, I am devastated and feel guilty about this for a while now. We brushed his teeth but perhaps not well enough when he was a baby/early toddler as he was breastfed. He already had his front teeth removed when he was 3 due to an abscess and now again needs the first molar removed.

What are the challenge he will face because of this considering the first molar won't erupt until he is 9-11 years old :( :(

We're planning to do a temporary space maintainer for his front teeth but what about the first molar, should we do that too? (due to the space it might creates etc)

Also looking for recommendations for dentist who does space maintainer in the UK, Ireland & Europe if anyone knows.

Many thanks.
It's not the brushing, it's the diet. If you've got that under control then happy days :)
There's a slight problem for later that his adult teeth might drift forward into the space, which would need some orthodontic input but it's not absolutely guaranteed to be an issue.
Space maintainers need very careful supervision, you need a proper paediatric specialist dentist and you've not exactly narrowed down the search area!