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Help! Toothache but my dentist can't find anything wrong...



Junior member
May 7, 2013
I have had a tooth ache for the past four days. I have been to the dentist yesterday and can't really find anything significant. My tooth ache consists of off-and-on pain (fairly sharp), not necessarily when I eat, not sensitive to pressure or tapping, just hot/cold and especially after brushing my teeth (not while brushing). Sometimes it makes it feel like it's a tooth on the top, sometimes it feels like it's on the bottom, sometimes it feels like it's both. I can't pinpoint the pain to one particular tooth. Yesterday the dentist found one small cavity and said that if it were deep enough then it could be causing more pain, so they filled it, but the pain is still there and I can also feel the pain on the bottom. The dentist did say that I had a couple pretty small cavities here and there as well, but she said that the cavity is too small that she wouldn’t think that that would cause that kind of pain. She only took care of one, there are 2 small ones that she needs to take care of when I go back tomorrow. I have had absesses and infections before, and that's what this feels like, although nothing like that showed up on the x-rays.
The pain is not consistent (thank god) about 30 % - 35 % of the day or when I eat hot meal, soup, drink cold/hot water and after brushing. But the pain is so bad that I feel like banging my head on the wall and it last for an hour that I have to take pain reliever all the time. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Can someone please give me an advice? My doctor can’t really find the cause of the pain. I ask for antibiotic but she refuses although I suspect that I might have some kind of infection. Please someone help me…..


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
It sounds terrible, but sometimes you just need to let things develop a little bit more to get to the cause of the problem, x-rays won't show anything for the first wee while and antibiotics would just mask the problem for a month or two.

I sympathise since I've had something similar myself, but sometimes you just need to hang on just a little bit to let the dentist identify the cause of the problem properly.