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Helping to heal dry socket?



Mar 18, 2015

I had posted about my difficult extraction a few days ago. It’s been 8 days since and unfortunately I did get a dry socket, which was cleaned, packed (with the wee fibrous stuff) and given antibiotics on Thursday.

I do have a reduction in pain and the actual socket isn’t throbbing as much anymore, but I still have tmj pain (which is fine, I can deal for now). I also have some pain running inside the bottom of my cheek where the extraction was, and when I smile it feels like it’s ‘pulling’ - is this something like bruised nerves? I have no visible swelling on my face anymore.

My gums are also still inflamed and very tender. After the extraction they were really sore, went white and then the white started to slough off. The gums now feel ‘brand new’ if you know what I mean? They’re very slippery.

I was wondering, with dry socket packing in, can I:

1) Rinse with Corsodyl?
2) Use something like Orajel on my gums to make them less sore?

As a positive, eating has been a bit easier, and the packing hasn’t fallen out!


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
1) Yes in theory, but in practice I wouldn't. There have been issues with patients with unknown chlorhexidine allergies reacting very badly to corsodyl in a dry socket.
2) Waste of time, the effect wears off in a few minutes.