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HELPPPP is it a Bone Spur??? Had Lower right wisdom out



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Aug 31, 2014
I had my lower right wisdom out Tuesday 26th august it is now Sunday 31st august I noticed a few days ago after swelling was going down there was a hard particle coming out of my gums wear wisdom was removed. I went on Friday 29th back to dentist and could not see my dentist but seen a dental nurse who told me it was just the stitch and nothing more. But I still didn't belief hear and reviewed this site and still belief it's a bone spur. I tried to remove it and it hurts too much and I made it bleed. I just wanted opinions and to find out if you too belief it's a bone spur. I am going back to dentist on Monday to have it sorted because I am in pain I have sensitive teeth ever since I got the wisdom out and it's so annoying.


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Did you end up going back to the dentist to see what it was? It looks like a stitch to me, but I'm no dentist.
Yeah it was a Bone spur a piece of my tooth they missed when they closed the hole up. Got it out on Monday and a new stitch back in thank god.

The dental nurse was so apologetic haha