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Sep 18, 2017
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Anastasia Stamatioudaki

While I have never been treated by Anastasia myself, I watched her work on many occasions as she was a dentist in the practice I worked at. Few months ago she left the practice and moved back to Crete to open here own office and here she goes.

Anastasia is an incredibly lovely, gentle and caring person and she had helped many people overcome their fears and find a new trust in dentistry. She was awesome with nervous patients and was also the dentist of choice whenever any staff member needed treatment. She took dental anxiety very seriously and was always ready to take the time and make any changes in the routine to make it easier for the patients. She has a really gentle and humble manner that puts people at ease instantly, her presence is absolutely non-threatenning. She did all endodontic treatment in our office so many patients saw her for a root canal treatment even if she wasn't their regular dentist. I had seen several patients who were terrified of female dentists and not very happy to get a root canal treatment from a female doctor and who, after a meet and greet with Anastasia were happy to get the treatment from her.

She works in a way that includes the people, makes sure to explain everything in advance, sets up a stop sign and keeps on checking whether everything is fine during the treatment. She very often stops herself to check whether everything is really ok if she feels someone is getting uncomfortable. Her locals were really slow and she makes efforts to make them as comfortable as possible and even there keeps on checking and talking all the time. She talks a lot during the treatment, keeps on distracting, even makes patients laugh and keeps the atmosphere light. She was also always happy to make a break wherever possible if a patient needed that. I felt she used the whole spectrum of possible things to help people with their anxiety. Last but not least, she is very supportive and non-judgmental, trying to help anyone to find the confidence and happiness about their smile.

As I said, she is great with endodontic treatment, but provides all other treatments as well. She is fluent in English, German and of course Greek.

Writing this I just want to get on the plain to Crete and get at least a cleaning!
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