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Here is a GOOD Dentist (located Surrey,UK)



Junior member
Feb 23, 2009
I like many of you am very nervous of dentists and infact in past have
had treatment by ones that in hindsight I wish I had'nt.
I have though now found what I would class as a seriously professional
dentist who instills confidence and is a first rate person. In fact it
seems he is more interest in the profession than in money albeit he
does private work he is very reasonable.

I have had 4 teeth out with him and believe me they were not at all easy
ones and he had to chisel them out and split the roots (everyone cringes at
the thought !!). BUT I did not feel any pain whatsoever apart from a
little bit when he gave me the injection ,that was it.

I cannot stress how so very different this dentist is from the ones I have had before .Whereas they rated maybe 8 out of 10 he rates 11 out of 10.

If anyone wants details please pm or post as I dont want to
post his details on forum as he may not want that. He is in
Surrey, UK.