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Hi, I’m new and need some support ...



Jul 6, 2020
Hi everyone, I’m new and glad I found this site. Nobody around me wants to hear how scared I am or about my fears and thinks I’m ridiculous for being so scared.

I haven’t been to the dentist in 11 years and tomorrow I have my first appointment. I’m freaking out. I have dreamt every night about my teeth falling out since I scheduled the appointment a month ago. I schedule the appointment because a filling broke during quarantine. But I know once they get in there they will find numerous issues. I went and had my wisdom teeth out 11 years ago and they told me I needed 2 root canals and 7 fillings and had the beginnings of gum disease and sadly I never went back for any of that work. Now I’m afraid I need all my teeth pulled cuz I have advanced periodontal disease or something and I know I need root canals if not extractions on my molars and I really want to keep all my teeth so that devastates me :(my gums on my front bottom teeth are super red and receding and the one tooth has a flap
Of gum that just moves. I guess I just feel
Doomed. Also, I’m in the US and have no
Dental insurance so the financial burden is going to suck too. Ugh... rant over just needed to vent. Thanks for listening
Hello Sfildes

:welcome: We are glad you are here and writing before your dental appt. You are in the right place with a lot of people who understand and want to support you here! You are not ridiculous at all. Many many people are scared of the dentist . so many we have a world wide dental phobia web forum .. so you are in very large company there.

Wow. huge day tomorrow and super brave after a month of bad dreams and 11 years. You are taking the first step.. just take one step at a time.. Is there a reason you chose this specific dentist? Sounds like there are many emotions, questions ,concerns, I encourage you to write them all down to ask when you get there. or even ahead if you can email them. Know that you are worth the time for them to do that and to put you to ease. There are a lot of very kind compassionate dentists who want to help people get to a better place. It does take a while to trust someone but each positive step is a step in the right direction. Any negative or questionable feelings.. honor yourself .. and you can write about them here too. positive and negative..

Its so easy to imagine everything we have to do and what they could possibly tell us.. I've been great at catastrophizing and thinking of what all could go wrong ..I can say we have so many testimonies of people thinking they needed a lot more work and being very happily surprised at the news once they went to appts.

Also.. soo know the discouragement with the financial part.. I really wish we had some kind of better options in the US.. I do know there are sliding fee and free places but that can be a hassle and limited . I do know there are some dental offices who are more willing to work with you,. like mine now is helping me in a way I never imagined possible!! You just never know.

The first step is that first appt and making sure its a good fit, they treat you well and are kind to you and you feel comfortable.. I wish you all the best in your appt tomorrow!! Please let us know how it goes.
thank you! I’m a nervous wreck to find out my fate. I hate unknowns. I’m scared my teeth are just beyond repair. I’m pretty sure I need 3 or 4 root canals and like a dozen fillings and gum cleanings and surgery. So scary
Hi sfides,

a warm welcome from me as well. I second everything @krlovesherkids777 said.
It is normal for the anxiety to get worse once you scheduled an appointment and I bet the scheduling itself wasn't easy either. So for now, if you can, leave the anxiety where it is and just try to look after yourself well. You will have clarity tomorrow and get the answers you are looking for. And facing this fear is a very courageous thing.

All the best wishes
Thank you! I always have less anxiety once I’m in the chair cuz I can’t stop what’s going on then. It’s the days leading up that kill me. I just don’t want the rest of my summer ruined by dentist visits for various things. And I don’t want gum
Surgery and periodontal visits
Hi sfides! Anticipatory anxiety is the worst!! Be proud of yourself for making the appointment :)

I was in your shoes but it had been 20 years since I had been to a dentist. I thought my teeth were going to be pulled and my gums were terrible but all I needed was a deep cleaning and some cavities filled. After the deep cleaning my gums looked so much better. We just imagine the worst but I think you'll be surprised that things aren't as bad as you're thinking they are.

I have insurance and it's still expensive. Just go at your pace for what you can afford. Or maybe they can work out a payment plan.

Best of luck to you!!
I hope that’s the case! My gums look bad and I have some major holes in my teeth :( I feel root canals are a for sure but I can handle that over extractions
Today is the day. In less than 2 hours I’ll be in that dentist chair for the first time in 11 years. My stomach is upset it gets this way and I’ll poop all morning from nerves and that will make me that much more nervous :( I am so scared
I get the same way before appointments but before you know it, it will be over with! Be proud that you are facing your fear and that you are now taking control of your oral health! I'm sending you positive vibes and please let us know how you made out!!
Thanks! I’m sitting here waiting for my turn to be called in. I feel like I’m gonna poop myself!
Fingers crossed for right now, may all go well!
Waiting is always the hardest part! Hopefully you're in the chair now and feeling less nervous!
Ugh ... I need 20 fillings and 2 root canals... $8700. I didn’t cry cuz of the work I needed but cried in the way home cuz of the cost
Wow, that sounds like a lot of money :(
Generally speaking it's always good to get a second opinion before comitting to any treatment, just to be on the safe side. Also, there are surely things that are more urgent than others so rather than paying it all at once, you could spread the treatment gradually. If you find out the treatment is not affordable, there might still be other options such as dental school etc.

You mentioned fear of periodontal disease in your first post. I was wondering whether they recommended a (deep) cleaning too?
They did not say I needed a deep cleaning they said my gums were pretty good. I had a couple 4 mm pockets towards the back but nothing good flossing and brushing can’t take care of!! That was the good news of the day

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