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Hi! I’m new. Is there any way possible you can be given sedation of any kind before a root canal?



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Feb 14, 2019
I am terribly afraid of needles and the dentist in general. If they could put me to sleep when I sit down at the check up, I would request it. But can I request to be sedated for a root canal. Also can I have the root canal done while getting a wisdom tooth extracted?
Hi Kiflelydia :waves:

generally speaking you can get sedated for any procedure if you feel unable to cope otherwise. It's also not an issue to have more teeth treated while being sedated, like a root canal treatment and a wisdom tooth extraction. If you are curious about what kinds of sedation are available and how they work click here... I know you were talking about being put to sleep, that's covered there but also other options that do not include needles.
Have you found a dental practice you feel you might want to get in touch with?

All the best wishes
But can I request to be sedated for a root canal. YES a few general dentists and endodontists can
Also can I have the root canal done while getting a wisdom tooth extracted? Not by OMS
Hi Kiflelydia :waves:

generally speaking you can get sedated for any procedure if you feel unable to cope otherwise. It's also not an issue to have more teeth treated while being sedated, like a root canal treatment and a wisdom tooth extraction.
Thank you so much!
Hi there. I literally today just had my root canal done. See my post a few down from here.

I was TERRIFIED and have been obsessing over this.

In a nutshell: I had a horrible experience at 7 at the dentist and never went back. I'm now 35 and my husband and I want to start trying to conceive. I know I have to get my mouth healthy before we do. So I went to a dentist who specializes in phobic patients, who is awesome. He gave me a treatment plan, and it's to be done in this order: root canal of one tooth; scaling and root planing of full mouth; three cavities filled; all four wisdom teeth out, and they are complicated extractions due to placement near nerve.

My dentist offers twilight sedation for many services. He has a great oral surgeon he works with who does too. But I knew I needed an endo to really save the root canal tooth.

So: I called many places that are JUST root canal specialists. None offered sedation, IV or conscious. I asked my dentist for a referral, he said he trusted one person in particular. I met with him and I told him my experience when I was 7, and he was very kind and empathetic and said he'd be explaining the whole thing to me s he does it. Appointment made.

Then I obsessed over this and was so fearful that I couldn't sleep. I spoke with my general physician (medical doctor) of over a decade and confided in her. I have never used any kind of drugs, even as a child, and here I was asking for them. I was embarrassed.

She worked with me over several days: first she gave me valium; low dose did nothing, high dose did nothing to quell fear but helped my jaw (I have some jaw trouble.) Next she gave me xanax; low dose did nothing. She had me take more 30 minutes later. That did nothing. Then she told me to add one benadryl. BTW, this was all planned out over a one week period, on nights my husband would be home to watch me.

The Xanax + benadryl relaxed me significantly and made me sleep too, but I was very easily roused.

Anyway, I called the endo, ran the plan by him, and he was good with it, and thankful I had told him in advance what to expect.

I woke up early, had eggs and oatmeal for breakfast because I knew I wouldn't be eating for a while AND needed medication. I took the Xanax + Benadryl right when my husband and I left the house (an hour and ten minutes before the start time of the appointment.) I had asked my endo if my husband could be in the room the whole time and I could hold his hand, and they accommodated that!

I was most scared of the shots. First they put a q tip with numbing cream on the front and back of my tooth. Left it on a short while and talked with my husband and me. Next he told me he'd do the injections (what I was most afraid of.) He said he'd go in with anesthetic already on the needle, on top of the numbed gum, he'd count to three then put it in a tiny bit, give anesthetic, and so on.

I have to be honest. I felt the TINIEST PINCH. Then I just got numb. He advanced the needle and I knew it but I just felt numb. He asked the whole time, "You're ok? Are you feeling anything? Now?" He let that sit a few minutes, we talked more. Then I got my second needle. I felt NOT A THING. Trust me, I would tell you. I swear I would tell you. But I already numb! Then I got a third one. He said this was the hardest one for most people. And I didn't feel it. Then I got two tiny top off ones.

But I didn't feel them. Please believe me, I'm phobic and would tell you the truth.

Then they put the bite wedge in. I had told him in the beginning I was scared of that because of my jaw pain. They got the pediatric one for me. It was fine - I asked to adjust it forward a little and they said sure and I asked to do it myself and they let me, then just fixed it a tiny bit. Then went what I think is known as a dental dam but he called a raincoat for my mouth and throat, to make sure I didn't swallow anything gross. Then I felt a clampy thing on the side of my mouth but there was nothing remotely uncomfortable about it, just felt like a tool hanging out on my numb mouth.

Then he started the procedure. I had made myself a play list. I kept my husband's hand in mine the whole team and he gave me lots of encouragement. Honestly, I nodded off at a few points for a minute or two.

The sounds are there, but I thought they'd be PETRIFYING - like power tools. They weren't.


I have medicated stuff in my root canaled tooth now, and I go back in a week and a half to finish the procedure. I'm not even freaking worried about it. I went from DEATHLY AFRAID TO THIS.

I was wobbly and loving to everyone leaving. Husband had to help me walk out from the Xanax + Benadryl. We came home, I had laid out my PJs in advance, he gave me the antibiotic from the endo, the 600 mg ibuprofen from the endo, and I slept for one hour before he woke me up and made me a have a little soup. Then slept 4-5 hours. Woke up, drank a bottle of water, and now am eating Ben & Jerry's.

The next phase of my treatment is supposed to be done with IV sedation at the dentist: full mouth scaling and root planing, three cavities filled. Then after that, IV sedation with an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth.

Look, you can even call me if you want. I know how scary it is. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S DONE AND IT WASN'T EVEN BAD!!!! NOT A BAD SECOND!!!!!!!!!

Now, you may have other issues that make my story irrelevant and make you require sedation. In that case, I would google dentist anesthesiologists. Or, if you sent me a message, I will ask my dentist who specializes in phobic patients if he has connections in Atlanta.

Sending you lots of good luck vibes. And having someone you trust that day is important and makes such a big difference.
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