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Hi. New here, terrified of dentists and need to have a wisdom tooth out.



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Jun 15, 2010
This is a great site. I finally set up an appointment today and the reality is kicking in, I'm scared out of my mind. I started looking around for info as a result of being so scared and found this place.

I havent been to a dentist in many years. Never had a problem, and my teeth look pretty good actually. Now I have a wisdom tooth growing into my cheek. It's out of the gumline but sideways, and it has created so much swelling I cant bite down because if I do I bite my cheek. That area is so bitten up and raw I cant stand it, I know I need to have this taken care of.

I'm still shaky though. I mean, dealing with this is really does seem preferable to seeing a dentist. I just know it is only going to get worse, so in my head I know I need to man up and get it done. I'm trying to be reasonable but even admitting that yeah, I have to go get this done has my chest tight and my heart pounding.

My wife doesnt get it. She is somewhat sympathetic but now shes really aggravated with me. I trey to explain to her that it is just as easy for me to go to a dentist as it would be for her to pick up a snake (she's terribly phobic of them). And the fact that my fear has a basis in reality doesnt help. I KNOW this is going to suck.

I have spoken with an associate who works for some very good dentists. She referred me to an oral surgeon who is supposed to be very good. I guess they'll sedate me before hand and then give me some gas. IV isnt an option for me, there's no way I will let anyone stick me with a needle. I really doubt it will work, I think there is a good chance once I get there I will just decide that the tooth isnt so bad. It isnt rational, but I know how I work. I'm scared just posting this.

Anyway, I just wanted to sorta vent to people that would probably actually understand how terrified this makes me. Thanks for reading. Some interesting posts here, seems like there IS a chance I can be calmed down enough to actually let them take care of this.

Re: Hi. New here, terrified of dentists and need to have a wisdom tooth out.

You have certainly come to the right place for support and understanding.

Try not to think about what is in the future too far, right now your next step is just to meet the dentist, let them have a look at the tooth, maybe an x-ray (they don't hurt), and finding out the options on dealing with it. Thats all, no other things will happen at this appointment, you are controlling the speed of the work, you won't make the next step until you know the options open to you.

There may be something else that you need to have done first that will help build your confidence up with the 'new' dentist. A lot of being able to have work done is having trust.

There is a device called the wand that can be used to give the local so there is no need for the needle that you hate. I've not had it, but others on here have and say it is brilliant, nothing like being given a needle at all.

Take it slowly, don't scare yourself with everything at the start, get the facts and break it into little stages that you can cope with. There are solutions out there that can help you.
Re: Hi. New here, terrified of dentists and need to have a wisdom tooth out.

I've never heard of the wand. This interests me greatly. If I thought I could get gas, then a wand, I dont think I would be so worried. Not like I would expect to enjoy getting it out, but I would be a lot calmer. I will DEFINITELY ask about it and I really appreciate you mentioning it.

I almost want them to go ahead and take it out right then and there. The appt. is for Monday. I know I cant wait too long. This has gotten so bad, I am pretty sure its not just swelling from the tooth but also some abscesses in there. It's really really painful and ibuprofen is only helping so much. That combined with not being able to eat has me at a point where I'm just at my limit. X-rays dont bother me one tiny bit. If they want to poke around a bit I might shy away a little. Im not sure. But I know they have to and I am going to do my best to just allow them to do what needs done.

Thanks for the kind words. It really is nice to be able to vent to people that actually get how terrified I am.
Re: Hi. New here, terrified of dentists and need to have a wisdom tooth out.

If you have an abscess then you will most likely get given antibiotics to get the infection under control before they touch that tooth. An active 'hot' abscess makes it much harder to work on the tooth comfortably.

There is more on the wand here, if you want to know more about it:

We understand being pushed to our limits before going and the desperation that you feel about wanting something done NOW, after you have decided to face your fear and go. It is extremely hard to do, but you will feel a huge sense of relief after that first visit, even if nothing more than an exam and planning of your treatment is done.
Re: Hi. New here, terrified of dentists and need to have a wisdom tooth out.

Im thinking if they dont do it at the first visit, I will just get worse. Ive been browsing this forum all day trying to calm myself. Lots of success stories here. Lots of people saying it wasnty so bad at all, the needle was barely noticeable, and other things that really SHOULD help me.

Ive been really trying to figure out what caused my terrible fear of needles and dentists. I was standing outside smoking today, and I grabbed a small piece of skin on my arm and pinched it as hard as I could to cause as much pain as I could. It worked. It hurt. It didnt bother me though. Then I thought, you know, that probably hurts more than any needle would. And knowing that didnt help one bit.

I wish I understood exactly what I was afraid of, and why. I think it's that 1) my experience with needles has always been horrible and 2) after all the orthodontic work I have had done and as much pain as that caused, I just view the whole process as agonizing.

I appreciate the understanding. I look forward to being able to post "man, I dont know why I was SO scared".
Re: Hi. New here, terrified of dentists and need to have a wisdom tooth out.

So I've come to the conclusion that I have an infection which is causing the swelling. The tooth has been this way for a few years and hasnt bothered me in a while, only when it was first coming through the gum. After that it was pretty much forgotten about. Until, of course recently. The thing is, the tooth hasnt moved. I originally thought I had a canker sore, since I am prone to them, since it feels similar, then it got worse and worse.

Just researching a bit, since I cant get in till Monday, I have all the symptoms of an abcess except not on my actual gum by my tooth but inside my cheek. Swollen, whitish, and painful.

I know this isnt the smart thing to do but yesterday I started rinsing with peroxide and taking lots of vitamin C. It is improving greatly. Lots less pain, lots less swelling. You probably all know where I am going with this. I have an appointment set for Monday. If I continue to fight the infection and it gets better, I will likely cancel the appointment.

Dumb, I know. But you guys know how irrational the fear can make us. In my head I am telling myself I still need to go, but then of course a huge part of me says "I can get rid of this myself and avoid the dentist again".

I feel like an idiot, but also very greatly relieved. You guys probably need to tell me that I really need to get over the fear and go. But I know that most here completely understand the rationalization and procrastination by having read so many posts here.
Re: Hi. New here, terrified of dentists and need to have a wisdom tooth out.

Hey Chi! How are things? I was just wondering how your appointment went. I get 4 out a week from tomorrow! :) How are your teeth?