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High filling??????


orange blossom

Junior member
Nov 1, 2015
Hi hope someone can give me some advice please as i am at the end of my tether and may end up having to have an unessesary root canal that i have schedualed for monday morning. I had a filling done last year in my back upper molar, once the anesthetic had fully wore off and I was able to eat everytime I did on that side I had a sharp pain shoot up the tooth, this went on for a few weeks untill finally I couldn't take anymore and went back to the dentist to say that I thought my filling was too high, she did the paper test and said it didn't need filing down as it was fine and sent me on my way. The pain carried on to the point where I have had to stop eating all together on that side for the past 12 months and it's not easy, I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a meal that I could eat properly! I have been back to the dentist on 3 more occasions because not only do I have pain it is now sensitive to hot and cold but each time I've been back they come up with a different answer, first it was sensitivity and told me to use sensodyne toothpaste, didn't work so on tne next visit she put some filling on tne outside of tne tooth, didn't work so now there saying It needs a root canal, I have scoured the Internet and lots of websites say when a filling is too high it causes the ligament to become inflamed and causes pain, like I said I'm due at the dentist Monday for a root canal but could all this pain and sensitivity be due to an inflamed ligament from banging it together all the time as the last xray i had 3 weeks ago showed the tooth to be ok. As hard as i try not to eat anything on it i do sometimes bite down on it and the pain starts all over again but how do I tell her to file it down when she says is doesn't need it, I don't want to have to go through a root canal if the tooth looks alrite on the X-ray.
ask the dentist they should be able to guide you the right direction.

After all the work Ill need done Ill probably never want to hear the word filling every again lol
Hi ask the dentist to file the filling down a bit, or even to replace it before doing a rct. You can ask for this and you do not have to have a rct if you don't want one. I would have thought that trying to file the filling down a bit would have been worth a try before removing the roots from a healthy tooth.

If the dentist refuses to try the other solutions and insists on doing a rct you can refuse and go and get a second opinion. If there are other dentists where you go one of them can do it or you can try a different practice. Tell the dentist before you agree to a rct you want to know why they are doing it and why aren't they willing to try filling or re-doing the filling first. You are in control and you only have to agree to treatments you are happy getting. They advise you not dictate to you about the treatments they consider you need. They should also have a reason for thinking you need the treatments as well.

Good luck, let us know how you get on please :clover::clover::clover:
Fully 100% agree with the above users. I had a filling with needed smoothing down as it was sharp. If It is high it may cause you pain and feel sharp.