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High filling?



Junior member
Dec 4, 2021

I've just had a pretty big filling done on my left premolar. My dentist was so good and kind as I am a extreme dental phobic.

I have a slight issue that now when I bite down it just doesn't feel right and the bottom of that tooth always hits the opposite tooth before any other teeth in my mouth do.

Just wondering is this a sign of it being slightly too high and what could the dentist do about it should I contact them?
If it’s too high definitely tell your dentist. They can adjust it until it’s comfortable. If it’s super bad it can be redone but not likely that you’ll need that

Bite issues are something they deal with all the time and they want you to have a good bite! Just explain the problem and they will evaluate things
It's likely to be high, phone them for another appt and they can easily and quickly adjust the bite for you