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Hit front tooth months ago and it still hurts



Junior member
Jan 4, 2021
Dallas, Texas
Hi everyone, hope you're all safe and well. I posted here back in January but didn't mention something that's been worrying me for months now. Back in October, my dog's head hit me in the face and hit my front tooth. I had horrible pain and was instantly so worried. I was worried that it would come out eventually. I told my family about it at the time and they said that it would be fine. I couldn't even bite with that tooth and had to brush it so carefully because the pain was (and still is) just awful and unbearable. My family started to get annoyed with me worrying about it so I stopped bothering them with my issues. I guess they thought I was overreacting. I knew that I should've gotten into the dentist right away but a combination of financial reasons and my family judging me kept me from speaking up. Disclaimer: I'm 19 and rely on my parents for finances. I already deal with teeth struggles so when this happened it was extremely overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. It's put me into a major depression for months. My tooth still isn't better. In fact, it's been hit multiple times by accident since the first time which I know has not helped the healing process. I know that it can't be normal for this tooth to still be hurting. I was supposed to have an appointment in January but the day of my appointment came and went. I'm pretty sure my family knew I had an appointment since they get reminders but we have been struggling with money and I stopped telling them about my issue so I'm guessing that's why I didn't go. I didn't bring it up my appointment because everyone's been through a lot and I didn't want to be a burden. It's been 4 months since I hit my tooth and I have pain every hour of the day. I'm so worried that the tooth will eventually have to be extracted. I've read that teeth can die even years on after incidents. I have a feeling that I'll eventually lose my front tooth because it was just hit too hard and the fact that I still have pain is not a good sign. This has been extremely distressing to my mental health, worrying about it every day. It's hard for me to sleep at night or to feel genuinely happy. Even I go to the dentist soon and everything's okay doesn't mean anything because my tooth could end up dying in the future. I feel I have no one to talk to, no one to understand me. I feel alone. I wish I was given these struggles. I don't know how much more I can take. I'm in tears as I write this. I already have so many problems in my life (one of them being my teeth even before this incident) and when this happened it sent me into such a deep depression. This may sound silly but dealing with this plus everything else in my life has made me suicidal. I know I'd never do that but sometimes I just can't see a reason for going on. I'm so young yet my life is falling apart. How do I tell my family about my situation without them being mad? I know I need to see a dentist but money is so tight at the moment. I don't know what to do. If I lose my front tooth (or any teeth) I will never be able to love myself or be loved by anybody. I never judge people for their teeth but I know that teeth are important to many people and I know I'll look so ugly. I already struggle with appearance issues and anxiety/depression. I don't know how much more I can take. Does anyone have any insight on this? It would be very appreciated. Thank you and I'm sending love to you all.
Hi summertimesadness,

I'm really sorry to read about your situation. There is a lot going on in your post and obviously in your life. Reading how much this is bothering you, I was very surprised that this issue went entirely unmentioned in your past post. I was imagining how much pain you were having back then already. At the first glance it looks like it's the tooth that is bothering you and the impossibility to seek treatment, or the worry about what happens to the toooth. On the second glance though, there is so much going on. You must feel really lonely and overwhelmed with this all.

I would like to give you a link to one section of our page here. There are few parts of your post that make me worry and I wish you would be able to get help with the way how you feel. This may go a bit deeper than dental issues or fears and you don't have to deal with this alone. In the link I sent you, there is the number of The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255). It's a hotline where you can reach out 24/7. It's anonymous for you and the person you talk to and you will find a kind compassionate person that you can have a chat with. You can talk about whatever bothers you, it doesn't even have to be centered around your suicide thought (but of course it can and they can help). Those lines also very often can give you ideas about where to get mental help for free, there are many options and possibilities. I know this is hard, but please, reach out. There is help out there.
By the way, you won’t necessarily lose the tooth, there is
I've read that teeth can die even years on after incidents. I have a feeling that I'll eventually lose my front tooth because it was just hit too hard and the fact that I still have pain is not a good sign.

One thing I wanted to add: a tooth dying is not the same like losing a tooth, it can still be treated. I know many people who had a front tooth treated like that, one of them is even a dentist. Another one is a dental nurse. So if the fear of losing the tooth is what holds you back, then seeing a dentist is something that actually may help.